Video Marketing - Video SEO If you are a business that’s heavily involved in video as part of your content marketing strategy then you should certainly be optimising your videos for your target audience. Video SEO is an increasingly popular trend this year. The Social Media Examiner found that digital marketers believe Video SEO is more important to their overall brand exposure strategy than Facebook and Twitter.

Every minute, more than two-days’ worth of fresh video content is uploaded. In the always-online technological age where attention spans are at their shortest yet, video content is arguably one of the most effective ways of engaging with your target demographic. By creating relevant, informative and content-rich video you’ll be able to demonstrate your brand’s expertise and authority.

But without optimisation, thousands upon thousands of fantastic videos simply get lost in the web and never reach their intended audience. That’s where Video SEO comes in.

What Better way to explain video marketing but in a video!

Whether you’re considering outsourcing your video marketing to a video production company or you’re controlling it in-house, it’s essential you have a grasp of the following concepts when optimising video content for your consumers:


Always optimise your video’s metadata with relevant keywords, including a keyword-rich description that enables your video to be found and indexed by the major search engines for target search phrases.

Meta titles also need to capture the potential viewer’s immediate attention with a catchy title that’s related to your brand or service. Take some time to conduct some keyword research and find the most popular search terms your consumer base is most likely to be using in Google.

Internal link strategy
Why not make the most of your video as a portal to other essential content on your website? Take advantage of your most popular videos; why not point viewers to other related on-site content to enhance their user experience further and increase the number of brand touch points in the process.

Video sitemaps

In order to make sure Google can find and index your best video content it’s essential to create a video sitemap. Google’s search engine spiders can then weave their magic and ensure your videos are found for the search terms most relevant to the content. Google’s Webmaster Tools can give you a head start in creating a video sitemap.

Video virality

You need to make sure you do everything in your power to encourage video content to go viral. This includes providing viewers with easily accessible video embed codes to share on their own websites, blogs or social media accounts, allowing you to gain valuable, natural back links and shares to boost your search engine rankings.

Keyword tagging
A process particularly popular with YouTube videos, many video marketers are now tagging relevant keywords to their videos. There may not be massive markets out there for the niche video content that you are creating but providing you use the correct tags you’ll be aiming it at the consumers and viewers that matter.


Businesses that really want the best Video SEO results will be required to self-host their video content as opposed to uploading it to YouTube. There are numerous third-party services where users can upload video and embed the content on-site which will still be self-hosted. Videos that are self-hosted can be analysed much more easily for user interaction, time on-page and so forth.

It has never been easier to create, edit and host video content online. The fact anyone can upload video online means that everyone from the corporations through to the start-ups can try it out and see if it’s a worthwhile marketing channel for your industry. More importantly, if you’re not doing Video SEO to help your potential viewers to find your content then you’re already well behind the curve.


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