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Are we excited about the launch of Magento 2.0? Damn right we are! As if it wasn’t already the most trusted open-source ecommerce management system on the planet, developers have only gone and rolled out some game-changing upgrades. It’s more powerful, more functional and more advanced than ever.

Of course, there has already been plenty of chatter about what’s new in 2.0 and so far, improved performance, augmented scalability, cheaper running costs and enhanced UX have stolen the spotlight. But if you want a fresh new perspective on our favourite features, read on for the scoop…

Super streamlined customisation

The internet is an incredibly competitive place and any web developer wanting to stand out from the crowd knows the value of customisation. In Magento 2.0 the customisation experience has been seriously streamlined, with merchants now able to customise sites down to a tee. Plain and simple, this radical new flexibility allows developers to give their sites that extra edge over the competition.

So what exactly is different? Modules have been restructured into individual directories, template files are easier to modify, layout file inheritance has been improved and the need to hack underlying code bases to customise module behaviour has been removed. At the end of the day, this translates into faster customisation, less coding, easier upgrades and better encapsulation.

Simplified external integrations

When it comes to the coolest new technology in Magento 2.0, the new service layer work steals the show. Using a simple XML configuration file, users enjoy automatic access to PHP API as both a SOAP and REST endpoint. This requires zero extra coding which means that if users want to give another system access to a new API, they simply create a new API module, follow it up with a short XML file and get down to business. For Magento backend developers, this could open up a trajectory of new doors that were previously too pricey to pursue.

The crème de la crème of code

Thanks to the use of modern automated test strategies during its development phase, Magento 2.0 minimises the need for manual testing. Instead, developers and merchants enjoy access to an automated test suite where they can view achieved test coverage almost instantaneously. Test classes include unit, integration, JavaScript, performance, static code analysis and integrity. Users will also be able to use automated Selenium based testing to slash the effort required during user interaction tests.

So what do these updates mean for Magento 2.0 users?

To us, the biggest benefit is the potential to slash developmental times and expenditure. They also make it cheaper, easier and faster to experiment with new ideas and innovations. This makes it far more appealing to develop new sites, customise codes and roll out upgrades. For merchants, this offers the flexibility to arm their business with a serious edge.

Whether it’s galvanising UX or creating an utterly unique platform, Magento 2.0 makes it markedly easier. For consumers, it means a supercharged online experience that’s tailor-made to suit the needs of a specific target audience.

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