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With record levels of cyber crime recorded in the UK, it’s never been more important to build trust in your ecommerce website. In fact, trust signals should be considered an essential part of every site. If you don’t know what they are or why your online store need them, this post is for you. Join us as we take a closer look at three examples of trust signals and reveal why every online business needs them in place to maximise conversions and encourage repeat visitors.

What are trust signals?

Trust signals aren’t complicated. They are simple visual elements that inspire trust in a website and the business behind it. However, they are a crucial element of conversion rate optimisation because they play a key role in persuading customers to complete a purchase.

1. Reviews

Trust plays a huge part in any online transaction. Before placing an order, most people like to know more about a business before they make the decision to go ahead. Increasingly, people turn to online reviews for pre-purchase reassurance.

Typical questions and concerns people have include – What have other people experienced when ordering from this business? Are product descriptions accurate? Do products look the same in real life? Are items delivered within the time frame promised online? What happens if there is a problem with an order?

Positive reviews from reliable sources can go a long way to address common questions and concerns and bolster trust in a business.

2. Contact details

Customers need to know that you are a legitimate company with a physical address, phone number, monitored social channels and an email address. Having these contact details on your ecommerce site isn’t optional – it’s essential.

We live in an age where cyber crime is on the rise and shoppers are increasingly wary of purchasing from online sites they are not familiar with. As well as a dedicated contact page, your website could also display contact details in the footer of each main page.

3. Secure checkout assurance

Does your checkout process inspire trust? When it comes to crunch time and handing over payment details, customers need to feel 100% confident in the security of their data. This stage is crucial because it is when customers are most likely to be scared off.

Third party badges and icons such as Visa, Paypal, and recognisable logos and certificates go a long way to build trust. Why? They are familiar and give customers peace of mind.

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