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For those interested or involved in eCommerce – like the team here at Bing Digital – it doesn’t get better than Magento’s Imagine conference. Held in Las Vegas, this year’s event had the theme of “Powering Tomorrow”, with innovation and improvement at the heart. If you missed it, there were some key developments that encapsulated the theme perfectly. Read on for the highlights of Imagine 2017.

Key innovations for the future

There were over 2,700 people in attendance at Imagine 2017, from 50 different countries. And for good reason too. The event is all about shaping how eCommerce works. This year, Magento focused on developments to three main areas: their Commerce Cloud, Magento Shipping and Magento B2B.

1. Improving the flagship

Magento’s Commerce Cloud is their flagship product. It’s what powers eCommerce sites, tooling up thousands of businesses around the world. At Imagine 2017, the team at Magento announced new features to optimise the service, making it easier for both eCommerce businesses and end users. With a new drag-and-drop capability, the improved content management system makes it simpler for merchants to organise content on their sites.

They have also made enhancements to social commerce, with the launch of Magento Social. This service will allow merchants to better link their social profiles and eCommerce sites. In a few clicks, merchants can synchronise their product catalogues with social media, transforming them into digital stores. Elsewhere, improvements to analytics will allow merchants to better understand how consumers use their site and adapt accordingly. It enables them to create a more tailored experience for customers across the board.

2. Shipping made intelligent

With statistics showing a large proportion of incomplete sales are down to shipping problems, it’s clear something had to be done. The cost and convenience of shipping were amongst the reasons customers abandon their orders after selecting products.

So, what is Magento’s solution? Introducing Magento Shipping. It’s a system that links all ends of the process together – merchants, carriers and of course customers.

Using Magento Shipping, merchants will have access to leading carriers wherever they’re shipping. Both regionally and internationally, eCommerce businesses will be able to automate their delivery fulfillment, with far more efficiency. Customers benefit from an assured level of service, and – as a result – merchants will see a boost in return business customer loyalty. It’s also an opportunity for carriers to get involved in a strong, growing network of business.

3. Enabling B2B commerce

While business-to-customer (B2C) eCommerce makes up a large proportion of online trade, Magento has also recognised the potential for business-to-business (B2B) online. They want to empower B2B merchants. How? Their B2B Digital Cloud will enable merchants to create a B2C-like experience for corporate clients. Catalogues and price lists can be customised with new account management features, and the ordering process has been streamlined. Their B2B Digital Cloud even comes with improved inventory visibility, to accommodate the high demand of the corporate world.

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