Whatever your business, motion animation can vastly enhance your website’s appeal. It’s essential to make your company stand out, and motion animation is definitely outstanding. It makes the user experience interesting and fun, whilst introducing and reinforcing key aspects of your brand identity.

Interested in learning more? Read on to see 3 great examples of motion animation on websites, and whether you should set the wheels into motion for your company’s website.

1. Freese Coffee

It’s important that animation matches brand identity. It wouldn’t make sense for a company branded as authentic and traditional to have bright flashy animations flying around the place. As a brand, Freese Coffee puts emphasis on the journey of the coffee – from the plant to the cup. The webpage for their For Better Coffee campaign reflects this perfectly with some great scroll through animation.

As you scroll, a coffee bean guides you through their ‘five essential rules for making better coffee’. Taking you through the journey, the coffee bean is ground, filtered and poured, finally giving you a fresh cup at the end of the page. Each step of the journey has a link for the visitor to discover more.

From the twisting handle on the grinder, to the filling and pouring cafetiere, the cute animations bring the journey to life for the website user. The result is simple – a strong brand identity as people who care about great coffee.

2. Every Last Drop

Making an impact is key in marketing. It’s even more important when you’re trying to raise awareness. Every Last Drop is a campaign for the public to save water in their day-to-day life. Their website, produced by Nice and Serious, is an animated story that takes you through the day of a typical person. Interactive features – like scrolling to bring up the sun – keep the user involved as they are taken through the day.

Each part of the day has facts about water usage and consumption, to inform users as they go through the relatable story of daily life. And it has definitely worked. The site had nearly a million unique visitors in its first year. As well as winning several awards, it got people talking about the cool design. But more importantly, it got them discussing how to save water.

3. Djeco

Creative, playful and fun. It’s clear when you visit the Djeco website that they are as excited about their products as the children who play with them. Djeco specialise in toys, games and creative resources for children. Each of the main pages (About, Toys & Games, Creative Activities) has an animated scene of characters constantly playing. They take on the appearance of a child’s drawing, with links scattered across the page for more information.

Consistency is a big strong point of this example. Even the page-to-page transitions are animated. Moving from one page to another takes the style of a pop-up book. It’s almost as if the website is physically moving you to another page as the new scene folds up into view. What’s more, Djeco have a subsidiary decoration website – Little Big Room. It continues the theme of childlike doodles with bedroom designs presented in a variety of playfully drawn buildings.

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