Every week we seem to be hearing a different story about a leading online retailer that’s been hit by a Google penalty following the Google Penguin algorithm update. Unfortunately, many business owners are lulled into a false sense of security by many content marketing posts and bloggers out there that suggest link removal is the primary factor in returning to Google’s good books.

The reality of the situation is that the links that were helping you rank are now rendered useless; removing them may aid the recovery of your website but there needs to be more to your digital marketing armory in order to ensure your website comes out the other side of a Google penalty intact.

Promoting your website through natural link building and link attraction is now an essential content marketing strategy; placing an increased focus on referral traffic secured naturally due to the quality of content you provide.

Here are some content marketing ideas to get you thinking that don’t revolve around search engines and allow your website to enjoy natural promotion:

  • Resource content
    Any online brand that wishes to make a name for itself within its niche should be able to provide consumers with at least one useful piece of resource content. Online resources are useful, linkable assets that a user will link to and share easily with little or no prompting. Informative whitepapers, downloadable PDFs, infographics and video marketing can help to create the natural user behaviour that Google is desperate to see.
  • Blogging for conversions
    The mistake many businesses make when writing their own corporate blogs is to sell too much to the reader. The purpose of a blog is to capture the imagination of the reader not to scare them off with advertorial content. By all means place relevant calls-to-action within your blog post, but don’t use the blog itself as one large call-to-action! Be sure to always provide your readers with advanced, unique information that they could not find elsewhere to develop your reputation and authority.
  • Reward and incentivise
    Competitions and giveaways are a great way for businesses to obtain natural back links from consumers. The initial outlay of providing a competition prize is all forgotten when you consider the potential links you can garner; especially if you seed the competition or giveaway to potential influencers and affiliates. Be aware that Google does however consider exchanging a free product for a link a “link scheme”. Facebook also now boasts strict rules on how online competitions can be implemented. In essence, always make sure you run your contest in a manner that will provide brand exposure even if it doesn’t result in any direct SEO value.
  • Newsworthy PR
    Good old-fashioned PR should never be underestimated even in the digital age. However, the key aspect of any online PR stunt is that it should be newsworthy and original. This is where the high-value links and social shares comes from. Aside from an outlandish stunt, you can also use public relations contacts to promote useful linkable assets. Be sure to provide journalists and bloggers with all the information they are likely to require to make it as easy as possible for them to talk about you to their readers.

If you’re looking to resurrect your website post-Penguin now is the time to stimulate your creativity and focus on natural link building campaigns underpinned by informative content marketing that’s just darn good.

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