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Engineered to empower developers with a galvanising set of growth accelerating tools, Magento has crystallised itself as a must have eCommerce platform for the world’s leading brands. This year its take on innovative merchant growth solutions has been given an up-to-the-minute overhaul, with the release of Magento 2.0 creating quite the buzz.

So what exciting features can we expect to see in the second generation of the internationally adopted software? Here are five new features that caught our attention!

1. Lighting fast performance

While speed hasn’t exactly been an issue in the past, Magento hasn’t quite managed to offer its clients ultra-impressive performance. In 2.0 everything has changed, with the latest version running 20% faster than its predecessor! How? The system is armed with a brand spanking new Varnish Cache performance toolkit that rolls out efficient updates, optimises performance, reduces server burdens and speeds up page load times. This is set to seriously boost productivity and help clients make the most of their investment.

2. Component oriented construction

In version 2.0 modules such as CMS, checkout, customer, sales and catalogue will be reimagined as individual components. This new architecture means that clients can pick and choose their modules as needed. Each module enjoys its very own VIEW directory where administrators can customise layout, template, JS and other files. If any components aren’t being used they can be easily removed or replaced with a custom built alternative. All without having to hack into the existing code base! Thanks to the new component oriented design clients will enjoy enhanced site performance, flexibility and functionality.

3. Slashed upgrade costs and effort

One of the biggest qualms faced by Magento users is the effort and cost associated with upgrades. Version 2.0 addresses this issue head on, with upgrades to the second generation software now faster, easier and cheaper.

4. A user friendly experience

Magento 2.0 is friendlier than ever, with developers underpinning the platform with an out-of-this-world UX. One of the biggest changes is to the menu system, which is now divided into two key management functions – eCommerce and System. All sub-elements (such as Report, Marketing, Product, Content etc.) are organised logically and intuitively to help make data navigation as easy as possible.

5. Forthcoming front end development

Want to offer your end users a unique, custom made experience? With Magneto 2.0 front end developers can now access a basic version of the Blank Theme which can then be customised as required. This makes it easier and more cost effective for clients to create their own exclusive themes.

Excited? We certainly are!

At Bing Digital we can’t get enough of Magento which is why we offer comprehensive Magento Web Design and Support Services as part of our online solutions menu. Our specialist team is armed with bucket loads of experience when it comes to making Magento open source content management systems work their absolute hardest. Back this with 24/7 Managed Magento Support Services and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for digital success.

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