We love to shop online. You love to shop online. Everybody loves to shop online. There’s really no denying it: ecommerce is here and it’s a booming industry. However, how we choose to shop is changing fast. Large numbers of consumers are now using their mobiles to shop online, transforming the face of ecommerce completely.

According to research by think tank Gartner, mobile commerce (mcommerce) will boost ecommerce-driven mobile revenue by at least 50% by 2017. Since it’s quickly becoming a key player in many companies’ digital commerce revenue streams, promoting and supporting mcommerce services is becoming critical for businesses worldwide.

So, should businesses be investing more in mobile-responsive websites and mcommerce marketing strategies? The statistics all scream YES.

Mobile commerce stats you shouldn’t ignore

According to new research by SalesCycle:

  • 51% of ecommerce sales are now taking place on mobile.
  • Between 2014 and 2015, mobile conversion rates increased by a whopping 57%.
  • 66% of web traffic is now mobile.
  • The average order value on smartphones is expected to increase by 10% in 2016.

Ignore Mobile at your peril

The statistics really are staggering. In today’s fast-paced retail marketplace, mcommerce plays a critical role in generating revenue for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From small start-ups and SMEs, to large global corporations – investing in mcommerce support really is crucial.

We can help

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