Businesses spend huge amounts on digital advertising. And it’s only natural they want the best return on this investment. Facebook Lead Ads could potentially provide a new way to get exactly that. The new feature, launched by Facebook, allows businesses to quickly generate leads through their digital adverts. Interested? Read on as we take a closer look at Facebook’s latest marketing innovation.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

As the name suggests, Facebook Lead Ads are adverts that aim to generate leads for businesses. Rather than clicking through to websites and following a long customer journey, customers are presented with a sign-up form on the advert itself. The form could be used to request more information, sign up for a newsletter or order a catalogue, for instance. The possibilities are endless.

Facebook has designed the form to make it as quick and easy as possible. It’s mobile-friendly and uses information users have already shared with Facebook to pre-fill parts of the form. Whether it’s their name, phone number or email address, it shortens the time and effort required on their end, making them more likely to submit their details.

It’s particularly useful as mobile browsing has become the norm in recent years. In 2017, mobile overtook desktop as the main source of internet traffic, with 52.6% of the total. For Facebook specifically, the picture is even clearer. A massive 95.1% of users accessed the social media platform on their smartphones, while just 31.8% said the same for laptop and desktop.

Making the most of Lead Ads

What’s great about lead ads is you can tailor them to your needs. Firstly, you can customise the form to acquire the specific information that you need – whether it’s email address, postal address or something more particular. 

As mentioned, this can be used to generate a range of different lead types:

  • Inbound enquiries
  • Email subscriptions
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Service applications
  • Product pre-orders
  • Sample requests
  • Account registrations

In any case, lead ads allow businesses to capture information from people who express intent, rather than having to continually pursue them. Even better, the information users provide can be used to create Custom Audiences for remarketing and Lookalike Audiences to target people similar to those who have completed the form.

Early A/B tests by brands like Land Rover, Weitzman and Properati found that lead ads increased the total number of leads, improved conversion rates and reduced the cost per lead over time.

Lead customers in the right direction

Facebook Lead Ads are the latest addition to an ever-growing range of advertising options for ecommerce companies. Just a few months earlier, Google launched Showcase Shopping Ads, allowing companies to better target “window shoppers” on broad, non-branded searches.

Taking advantage of these new options requires serious ecommerce expertise and marketing know-how. That’s where Bing Digital comes in. Over many years in ecommerce, we’ve developed tried and tested methods in ecommerce advertising. With our help, you can target the right people, drive leads and traffic and convert those leads into customers that keep coming back.

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