Google have made quite a few changes to AdWords in 2016. For example, did you know that you can now take advantage of 50% extra ad space? If you haven’t revisited your ad campaign since this game-changing update in July, we’d suggest a full review. One of the most effective – yet underused – updates is the new price extension.

This new text ad extension is perfect for businesses that want to display pricing information for products or services. If you’re looking for ways to push the competition down and maximise the amount of advertising real estate space your ads use up, this extension is just the ticket.

The price extension only works on mobile (although it has been spotted on desktop ads, perhaps as part of a Beta test). Crucially, only the top ad position can use this extension, which is going to push people to bid higher in the long run.

Take a look at this example, as provided by Google:
[image google]

The prices are showcased below the ad. As you can see, this extension takes up an incredible amount of real estate on smartphones. While this can decrease the number of wasted clicks – people are less likely to click on a price that doesn’t suit them – it will also increase the chances of potential clicks converting into a sale, as the visitor is already on board with the prices.

How do I add the price extension?

In your AdWords account, choose the campaign you’re interested in, then click on the Ad extension tab. Within the View drop-down (there are quite a few extensions to choose from, all of which warrant some investigation), choose “Price extensions”. You’ll see this setup window:

[image price-extension]

You can add from 3 to 8 rows in total. For each one, you can create a header (which will be clickable), a description (you have up to 25 characters) and a price (you can add a price unit, such as per hour, day, week, etc.) The final URL is the landing page people will visit. You can even schedule price extensions, which is ideal if you have an event or limited-time special offer.

For the full guide, take a look at Google’s price extension guide.

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