With Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ button, people are now able to purchase products directly from their social media feeds with just a few clicks. This is huge for e-commerce store owners, especially for those with a large and active Twitter following.

The Buy Now feature was launched to a limited number of users in the U.S in 2014. Since then, Twitter has rolled out the service to cover the entire country and thousands of companies are taking advantage of the button to drive sales and engage customers. The Buy Now button hasn’t launched in the UK yet, but it’s only a matter of time and the ability to jump on this new feature quickly could make all the difference.

What’s the aim?

Buy buttons have been designed to help boost conversions and engagement levels, target products to desired audiences, and develop a unique customer experiences.

“The goal for all our commerce initiatives on Twitter is simple: make it as easy as possible for businesses to connect directly with, and sell to, customers on Twitter,” Twitter’s head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard, explained. “With Buy Now, businesses can drive more conversions and remove much of the friction in the mobile purchasing process.”

Historically, Twitter hasn’t boasted the best e-commerce conversion rates, but industry experts are hopeful that Buy Now can change this and help Twitter gain a better hold on the e-commerce market – notably the mobile e-commerce market.

How does the Buy Now button work?

Once companies have signed up with one of Twitter’s platform partners (currently Bigcommerce, Demandware, Shopify, and Stripe), it is relatively simple to set up the Buy Now feature and start selling directly to customers via a small Buy button located directly below a product image.

Who uses them?

The buttons have been well received by the Twittersphere and are deemed to be user-friendly and unobtrusive, blending well into tweets. So far the service seems to be equally popular with both large and small companies. Some of the household brands to have adopted the service, including Adidas, Best Buy and Threadless.

How effective are Buy Now buttons?

Are we looking at the future of mobile e-commerce? Only time will tell. Twitter has yet to release any data regarding the effectiveness of the feature and little is known about precisely how many companies have adopted regular use of the Buy Now button. One thing’s for sure – if Buy Now buttons are shown to be successful, the face of e-commerce will change forever.

When will Buy Now be available in the UK?

Despite mass media reports of a global launch late last year it’s unknown exactly when Buy Now will make its debut in the UK, so watch this space and great ready!

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