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With hackers targeting everything from individuals to government organisations, cybersecurity is a major concern now more than ever. And when it comes to ecommerce, security is top of the agenda for both businesses and consumers. That’s why Magento has launched its new Security Scan tool. Read on as we look at the importance of cybersecurity, and how the new tool will benefit merchants and their customers. 

The importance of cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is no laughing matter. In a survey by PwC, 87% of consumers said they would take their business elsewhere if they were worried about how a company was handling their data. A massive 69% of consumers also think businesses are vulnerable to hacks. These worries aren’t unjustified either…

Government research shows that nearly half of all UK businesses have fallen victim to some form of cyber breach or attack in 2016-17. Most commonly targeted were businesses holding customers’ personal data with fraudulent emails at the top of the list of common attacks.

This doesn’t come without a cost. As well as losing customer trust – and losing customers as a result – it’s estimated large businesses spent an average of £20,000 as a result of breaches.

What is Magento’s Security Scan? 

To help businesses prevent security breaches and attacks, Magento has launched their new Security Scan. It allows merchants to monitor their sites with ease, and updates them about security risks, malware or any unauthorised access. It’s compatible with any version of Magento Commerce or Open Source – and, even better, it’s free.

Using Security Scan, merchants can get real-time information on their site’s security status. Any potential risks can be eliminated immediately, with insight into the vulnerabilities of your ecommerce store. How are these identified? Magento Security Scan is equipped with more than 30 security tests, looking at everything from missing patches to configuration issues and can even highlight failures to follow best practices with security.

Additional features of Security Scan 

As well as ongoing security, Magento’s new tool allows merchants to track their progress by viewing past security reports of their sites. These reports clearly outline which security checks have been passed or failed to display where a site is adequate and where it needs work. They also provide suggested remediation steps for any failed security tests.

Merchants can decide whether to perform scans on demand or at recurring times and dates – or any combination of the two. The tool can be accessed easily too, with the option to authorise developers and other team members. 

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