Want to show your business from a new perspective?

Sometimes you need to go the extra mile. Aerial video takes your digital content to a whole new level. Quite literally! Using specialist skills and high-tech equipment, Bing Digital will create stunning aerial footage to splash across your marketing channels in full HD.

All-singing, all-dancing technology

With radio controlled octocopter and hexacopter drones, we film from heights of up to 120 metres - giving us a unique perspective on your business. In addition to HD video, Bing Digital also offers aerial photos, panoramic shots and 3D photogrammetry. Whether you want to showcase a large-scale event, reveal the 18th hole of your golf course or demonstrate the detail of an archeological dig, we can do it. Even from the air, our video footage is deliciously precise and detailed. If you’ve got specialist requirements, let us know. We’re not afraid of any project. In fact, we love a challenge. No matter how outlandish or ambitious your ideas, let’s talk about them. We film with specialist equipment - including thermal imaging, SLRs and GoPro cameras – and can access areas that are impossible to view in any other way. Simply put, we can capture footage exactly as you imagined.

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