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Magento is the most widely utilised e-commerce software on the planet, with the latest report from AheadWorks revealing that 25.3% of the top 1 million Alexa sites are powered by the platform. With this stat up our sleeves, we wouldn’t be surprised if you too rely on Magento to flaunt your goods or services.

While opting for the king pin may have a myriad of benefits, the global popularity of Magento is also its vice. With 240,000 worldwide merchants putting their trust in our e-commerce software, the platform is frequently put under pressure by hackers who’d love to get their hands on your data. From spamming customers, launching phishing scams and stealing sensitive credit card information, Magento sites are a gold mine for digital crims. This is exactly why it’s critical for all ecommerce stores to underpin their sites with bulletproof security strategies that stop crooks in their tracks. How? Read on for our guide to bulking up your Magento security stratagem in five simple steps.

1. Architect a customised admin path

When you stick with the admin path that Magento initially assigns you it’s all too easy for hackers to user Brute Force Attacks in order to guess your username and password. Today’s software is able to guess 8 million combinations a second which leaves you pretty vulnerable. And once they’re in your admin page is at their mercy. Get around this by simply changing your admin page from the original ‘’ to something a little less obvious such as ‘’

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication

This is hands down one of the best ways to safeguard your Magento site. Two-factor authentication ensures that only trusted devices can log into your backend. As well as requiring your username and password you’ll also be asked to enter a unique security code that’s generated via a smartphone app purchasable from the Magento Connect Marketplace.  Without your device it’s near impossible for hackers to break in under the radar.

3. Restrict access to approved IPs

A watertight Magento security strategy should feature a collection of whitelisted IP addresses that restrict log in access. Sirectory-level configuration file support services such as .htaccess and Apache directives like LocationMatch are great resources.

4. Update to the latest Magento version

Magento comes integrated with robust security features that are continually updated and patched with every version. By keeping up to the minute you’ll give your site the best possible chance at fending off unwanted cyber intruders. As an extra precaution, commercial grade anti-virus software should also always be kept up to date.

5. Enlist the help of the professionals

For the total peace of mind that your Magento store is 100% protected it pays to enlist the help of the professionals. A specialist security review from a qualified web developer will help you identify weak points, strengthen security and create a fortress of a site.

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