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Remember when you’d excitedly wait for a new movie on VHS to hit the shelves at Blockbuster? Stay up late for Match of the Day to see the football results? Or anxiously wait for page 27 on Teletext? Those days are long gone. Delayed gratification is a thing of the past.

The world has changed. We are more connected than ever before and everything is likeable, shareable and instant. But do we really expect ecommerce stores to offer almost instantaneous Same Day Delivery services too?

Three to four-day delivery times were the norm just a few years ago, but that’s no longer good enough. Same Day Delivery is the latest dominating trend in ecommerce. The question is, would it work for your ecommerce business? And can you afford to fall behind the pack and ignore it?

Signed, Sealed & Same Day Delivered

A Same Day Delivery service does exactly what it says on the tin. Purchase a product and it will arrive on the same day. Easy. Every ecommerce store owner is looking for an angle – a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and a Next Day Delivery service is a perfect example of what’s possible.

If your competitor offers a same day service and you don’t, you’re more likely to lose out. Amazon, for example, are offering same day deliveries, with evening slots offered at no extra charge for Prime members. So, if you want to compete with the giants, providing a reliable Same Day Delivery service might just be unavoidable, right? Wrong.

According to study with 2000 UK consumers by Shutl and Retail Week, 42% of consumers expect better delivery services than they did just two years ago, and around 68% of consumers have been put off due to inadequate level of delivery options.

Simply put, if you want to reduce the number of abandoned purchases, you should offer better deliver options. However, while Same Day Delivery might seem like the ‘best’ option, your consumers might think differently.

According to an online study by Econsultancy with 1,000 participants, consumers are split between several different ‘premium’ delivery options:

  • Fixed date delivery – 31%
  • Next day delivery – 24%
  • Click & Collect – 24%
  • A two-hour delivery slot – 13%
  • Same day delivery – 8%

As you can see, a same day delivery isn’t the favourite option. And, if it’s overly difficult for you to provide the service, why would you? Instead, why not offer the delivery options that your customers would actually prefer?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What delivery options would you prefer? Better yet, ask your customers what they think.

Deliver the goods

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