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    One of the most important aspects of ecommerce success is good user experience (UX). After converting visitors to customers, it’s what keeps them returning time and time again. With such high stakes, it is essential that you get it completely nailed down.

    Bing Digital offers bespoke UX audits to help you do exactly that. We rigorously test various aspects of your site and suggest specific areas of improvement.

    As well as offering general advice from our findings, our team aims to offer actionable guidance for implementing fixes. With years of experience in ecommerce, we can pinpoint problem areas that may otherwise go unnoticed.

    What do we test? 

    We tailor all of our audits to suit the specific needs of your business. Some companies may want to focus more on improving visual merchandising while some may have specific objectives for the user journey. We are flexible with our tests, with expertise spanning all aspects of ecommerce…

    Ecommerce technology 

    Don’t risk falling behind the competition with outdated technology. We will identify opportunities for automation and technology improvements.


    Transactional emails, triggered emails, account emails and marketing emails all play a big part in your user experience. Too many and your customers may feel spammed. Too few and you may be forgotten.


    Effective merchandising is an important aspect of the UX. We cover everything from visual merchandising to use of product labels, making your site as productive as possible.


    Without an attractive, easy to use checkout system, you risk losing customers at the last hurdle. Ensure you get those all-important sales and keep them coming with a user-friendly checkout. 

    Product positioning 

    Are your products positioned and promoted effectively? If not, you could be missing out on hundreds of sales. We will review your site and suggest new promotions or repositioning of key products.


    Does your data provide enough insight? We will review your analytics tracking system in great detail and suggest ways it could be improved to provide more insight into the performance of your site.

    User testing 

    What do users think of your website? We will carry out a number of user tests across all platforms (mobile and desktop), testing different journeys and objectives. These tests provide an in-depth view of any issues users face when using your site.

    Product reviews 

    Reviews play a big part in influencing a visitor’s decision to purchase. We ensure that your reviews, for both products and merchants, are optimised to maximise sales.

    User journey 

    We will analyse your user journey, reviewing your current journeys and looking at how different pages or templates are impacting these. We can suggest improvements to create a user journey that’s tailored, more enjoyable and more productive.

    Page templates 

    Is the layout of your website beneficial to your company? Page templates and layout are pivotal in terms of user experience, especially if the site can’t be navigated easily. We will review all your page templates and support you in improving your site.

    Improve your site’s user experience

    It’s hard to describe the importance of a great user experience in ecommerce. And whether it’s the journey, templates or analytics, it’s crucial to have experts on your side. That’s exactly what you get with Bing Digital consultants, who will add endless value to your team. Contact us today to talk more about your business and arrange your UX audit.