So you need a website with many strings to its bow...

Behind every great website is a great platform. ExpressionEngine is exactly that - a powerful CMS that allows you to create and publish content directly to your website. But it’s even more than that. In Bing Digitals’ hands, it’s a tool to create stand-out websites - ones that look incredible, work seamlessly and put the competition to shame. From e-commerce to simple one-page sites, ExpressionEngine has the capabilities. Bing Digital has the expertise. 

Simple publishing gives you the ultimate control

First and foremost, ExpressionEngine is an incredibly nifty publishing platform. If you want to quickly update your website, create news stories, add pages and embed video at your leisure, it’s just the CMS for you. And while ExpressionEngine is certainly a smart tool, we will make life even easier for you by customising the Control Panel according to your needs. So, when you take the reins and manage your web content independently, you’ll be doing it all via an intuitive dashboard tailored perfectly to your needs. It’ll be super easy, trust us. Best yet, Bing Digital provides full training first, so you’ll come up trumps from day one.

Scale up or scale down, the choice is yours!

Above all, we love ExpressionEngine because it can be scaled up or scaled down according to your needs. Our specialist EE team know the platform like the back of their hand - which means they can transform it in any way you like. Design is covered with the latest technologies and coding languages, including HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web. Security is handled via session management, captcha and a whole host of iron-clad features. Then there’s visitor tracking, subscription options, flexible publishing ... the list goes on. Rest assured, we know everything there is to know about ExpressionEngine and we’ll help you to make the most of it

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