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At its best, Google Adwords is a powerful, rocket-fuelled form of advertising. However, at its worst, it can be a time-consuming waste of money. Your Adwords campaign can only reach its full potential if you have the necessary skills, expertise and time. Then, and only then, can you achieve that all-important return on investment? If you’re struggling with this challenge, help is at hand with Bing Digital’s free Adwords Audit.

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Free Google Adword audit

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What can we do for your Google Adword campaigns?

Reduce Costs

Through careful optimisation techniques we can help ensure that your campaigns perform as well as possible. The better the campaigns perform in regards click through rate and quality score, the lower the cost per click will be, instantly reducing your overall marketing costs.

Increase sales & leads

By analysing your existing Adwords data we can help identify trends and establish areas in which your campaigns can be improved upon. For example, it may be that the majority of sales come in through mid week lunch time between 12pm - 2pm. We can then increase bids during that key timeframe, helping to maximise sales.

Identify New Opportunities

We work closely with Google and therefore have more opportunity to trial new features that are constantly rolled out into Adwords. Many of these features have benefited our clients in the past, helping to reduce CPC's and increase conversions rates in their campaigns.

Provide Ongoing ROI Focused Support

We are constantly learning new skills as Google evolves, which we pass straight down to our clients campaigns in order to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible. By providing these skills as well on going support, we build relationships with our clients that allow us to further their ROI.

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