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Get a comprehensive, tailored report that highlights any issues with your site – from web errors to search engine optimisation. Your report will uncover hidden problems that are creating a poor experience for your visitors. Best of all, it’s completely free.


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It’s one thing saying a website is sluggish. Or that it can’t be found on Google. But it’s another kettle of fish pinpointing exactly why that’s happening.

From bad coding to slow plug-ins, many website errors are completely hidden. Others are simply unknown unless you live and breathe web development.

Our free expert audit uncovers all of these problems and tells you exactly how to fix them. So, you can save time and money while moving towards more traffic and better conversion rates.


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Do you have a Traffic or Conversion Problem?

Poor content. Slow loading times. Or just a lack of SEO. These little issues can all turn into bigger problems for your website. Specifically, a lack of traffic or a poor conversion rate.

As we speak, customers could be closing their browser after visiting your site. Or not even finding it in the first place.

Here are the results you can expect from Bing Digital’s Audits:

Foundation Testing – We’ll perform a series of rigorous test on your site’s performance, design, user experience and SEO.

Indepth Analysis  – The tests will pinpoint any room for improvement on your website.

Build Brand Awareness – You’ll get specific fixes for every problem so you can start getting better results right away

Tailored Roadmap – You’ll get specific fixes for every problem so you can start getting better results right away.

The solution is simple. Get a free web and SEO audit to find out what’s going wrong. Putting your site to the test, we’ll identify the errors that are leading to poor rankings or a second-rate user experience.

With tips on how to put things right, you’ll soon be raking in the traffic and converting more visitors into paying customers.


A complete ‘belt-and-braces’ analysis is performed on your site. We want to understand everything before taking action.


By researching market sectors and dissecting consumer search trends, we then develop a powerful organic SEO strategy


Expect a targeted marketing strategy, comprehensive site configuration, content marketing and a dynamic social media campaign.

Who Can Benefit?

A free, expert audit is invaluable to any business or organisation that wants to improve their website and digital presence. It’s that simple.
But that’s not all. Webmasters, web designers and in-house SEO teams will benefit no end from our site audit. Put simply, it’s for anyone who want more traffic and better conversion rates – for you or your clients.

As you may know, SEO is constantly evolving. As are the algorithms that search engines use. At Bing Digital, we operate on the cutting edge of SEO and are always on point with the latest SEO practices and approaches. Our knowledge is second to none. Best yet, you can tap into this resource and make it work for your business too. And if you’re worrying about search engine penalties, don’t. We conform to the strictest guidelines, delivering Google-approved strategies that stand the test of time.


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“ We really appreciate the work that was put into this project and the effort and responsiveness from your team. A compelling and engaging creative proposition was delivered. ”
Trevor Hunter Senior Online Marketing Manager
“ The Team at Bing digital have exceed all expectations with this build, our new site is light years ahed of the
competition. ”
Ben Jarrett Marketing Director

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