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There’s no doubt about it, Christmas shoppers are great for business. Unfortunately, once the festive period is over, they seem to vanish into thin air. But what if there were a few simple tactics you could use to increase the chances of Christmas shoppers returning to your ecommerce site again and again, no matter the season? In this post we’ll share a few tops tips to help you convert more of your seasonal shoppers into loyal year-round regulars.

1. Be prepared

In the UK, Christmas sales were up 35.8% last year and UK retailers took a staggering £24bn over the festive period. Sales didn’t come to an abrupt end after Santa had delivered his presents either. In fact, many retailers recorded record year on year growth on both Christmas and Boxing day.

The takeaway from these statistics? If you hope to convert Christmas shoppers into year-round regulars, you must first make sure you are properly prepared to cope with the festive season. Amongst other things, you’ll need adequate levels of stock and a plan for how to cope with a sudden influx of orders. Without thorough preparation, you’ll run the risk of your website failing to cope, or of making errors that lead to disappointed customers. Dissatisfied customers aren’t likely to rush back to order from you again any time soon. 

2. Ensure your website is ready

An updated, easy to navigate, fully-functioning website is key. If your site is confusing and cluttered, customers won’t engage with your brand and you’ll struggle to make one sale, let alone several. A well-designed site can help you save time, attract shoppers and boost sales by offering the kind of hassle-free user experience that shoppers won’t forget in a hurry.

It’s worth remembering that mobile commerce now accounts for 51% of UK ecommerce sales. If you hope to appeal to those shoppers who’ll be rushing to order gifts on their smartphones during their commute to work, a mobile-friendly website is a must.

3. Try remarketing

One way of ensuring shoppers and browsers don’t forget about you after the tinsel has been taken down is to try remarketing.

Magento’s Holiday Benchmark Report reveals that the average commerce business acquires 23.8% of its new customers during the holiday season. Remarketing is an excellent way of reaching out to the new shoppers who visited your website over the Christmas period. As well as setting up basic remarketing campaigns to appeal to people who have visited your site without making a purchase, you can also set up remarketing campaigns to target customers who have recently made a purchase from your site. According to Magento’s report, holiday shoppers make a second purchase 27% of the time, and 42% of these shoppers make this second purchase during the following ‘off’ season. So it’s well worth pursuing seasonal shoppers with targeted remarketing ads.

Attract customers all year long 

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