Running a business online isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of ways of making it a more rewarding experience for both you and your customers. If your online sales are flagging and you’re looking for a few ways to boost your e-commerce store’s average order value (or AOV), this blog post is for you…

Why Is Your Average Order Value Important?

It’s simple maths, really. The higher your average order value, the more money your e-commerce store will stand to make. However, there are additional advantages of increasing your average order value. You’ll receive more money from a single customer, and you’ll also have a safety net when website traffic dips during quiet periods. Increasing your average order value is a brilliant way to run a successful e-commerce store. Curious? Here are several techniques to try…

1) Recommend a Product

When a customer puts a product in their basket, you can persuade them to add a couple more items by recommending something that’s an ideal partner product. For example, if someone has been browsing your site for some time and decided upon a particular shower gel, you could generate a pop-up window below the basket pointing them towards additional soap and bath products they may be interested in trying.

2) Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is a chore, especially around the holiday season. So, why not offer a wrapping service? Package customer purchases beautifully, and charge a nominal fee for the service. It’ll save them the hassle, make yours look like a business prepared to go the extra mile, and – most importantly – it’ll increase your average order value, too!

3) Show Customers How They Can Save

Display a table of simple stats to demonstrate how customers can actually save when they buy more. Ticket sites do this all the time – buy one for £10, buy two for £16, etc. By offering reduced rates for buying multiple items and displaying this service clearly on your e-commerce store’s homepage, you might well see your average order value increasing by the day.

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4) Bundles and Batches

In a similar vein to recommending partner products, you can offer your customers ways to create bundles of products when they go to the checkout and show them the savings they’ll make when they get there. Knocking a few quid off the total price every time they add a related product to their basket is also a great way of encouraging purchases. They might be spending more money overall, but customers will love the fact that they’ve picked up a selection of products for less than they were originally worth.

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