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At Bing Digital we have long held the view that small businesses should be able to have a website and ecommerce platform that matches their vision and ambition.
We have consistently been able to raise the bar and meet our customer’s demands, no matter how challenging, thanks to the implementation of the Magento framework. Small firms who are serious about making a success of their business online are benefiting daily from the Magento platform that offers flexible, feature-rich solutions that address a vast range of retail needs and budgets.

As a flexible, open-source software, Magento enables us to explore its power and provide tailored, bespoke ecommerce campaigns that exceed your expectations.

So what can it do?

In the 24/7 world of ecommerce, customer engagements is more important than ever before. With almost endless product choices and shopping experiences vying for consumer attention, Magento helps to cut through the noise and create emotional connections that drive word-of-mouth advertising and repeat sales.

Here are some of the most successful features of the Magento ecommerce platform:

Targeted promotions

For retailers looking to personalise their customer’s online shopping experience, Magento allows websites to display special content, promotions and pricing targeted to any specific customer segment. It’s even possible to create targeted email campaigns by integrating customer segment lists with an email marketing program.

Reward brand advocates

Looking for a quick and easy way to market your brand and create a viral buzz for your business? With Magento retailers can reward those loyal customers who submit company testimonials and reviews or recommend your business via social media channels.

Customer-assisted shopping

Recent studies show that by providing positive customer service online first time customers are more likely to become regular customers. With Magento’s customer-assisted shopping, retailers can take a more hands-on approach by adding products to shopping carts for customers when they require assistance.

Return Management Authorisation

In order to foster long term customer relationships, Magento’s Return Management Authorisation simplifies the returns process, controlling the management flow and providing customer notifications for increased satisfaction.

Flexible product inventory

Magento copes with even the largest online retailers, hosting the biggest, most complex product catalogues and organising them exactly the way you want. Set different price points for numerous customer groups, oversee inventory management and backordering, there is a wide range of product-specific sorting features.


Magento support mobile-optimised storefronts, with a mobile HTML5 interface that works perfectly with iPhone, Android and Mobile Opera browsers.

Third party applications

There is a host of third party extensions and applications that integrate seamlessly within the Magento platform. From payment processing and shipping through to development and design modules, you can enhance every aspect of your store from back to front.

PA-DSS compliant

Magento’s Enterprise Edition is PA-DSS compliant and confidently handles customer data securely with the ability to support strong data encryption for secure transactions. Protect your customers as well as your business, instilling greater confidence in the people that keep you profitable.
If you want something different and unique, contact us at Bing Digital today with our bespoke ecommerce solutions based on Magento’s proven framework to breathe new life into your product range.

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