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Shopping online is all about convenience. No longer do consumers have to trawl through shopping centres searching for the right clothes, tech and tools. Instead, they can buy online from the comfort of their home, office or even on the go. Magento has focused on the element of convenience with their latest development – the Instant Purchase. Read on as we look at how Instant Purchase will benefit Magento merchants and their customers.

Amazon’s patent 

Many consumers will already be familiar with the idea of an instant purchase. Why? Amazon has been offering it for well over a decade. It patented the one-click checkout back in the 1990s, along with the “1-click” trademark. For years, Amazon has had exclusive ownership of the process. Companies could use the exclusive technology, but only if they were willing to pay Amazon for the licence.

For so many businesses that meant choosing between the benefits of quick purchases and their hard-earned money. In September 2017, however, Amazon’s patent expired and their exclusivity ended, opening the door for other platforms to create their own quick purchase innovations.

Front of the queue

Magento has become the first ecommerce platform to provide the Amazon-like experience as standard. Their latest release of Magento Commerce features Instant Purchase, allowing returning customers to make purchases without any hassle. By storing payment information and shipping details, they can skip time-consuming steps of the checkout process to get them what they need quickly.

Selecting the “Instant Purchase” option will take customers straight through to a confirmation page to place their order. Quite simply, it takes needless admin out of the buying process. According to Magento, the feature has been found to reduce order times by more than 90 percent.

The benefits of Instant Purchase 

This smoother, quicker and easier buying process doesn’t just help customers. It’s also great for businesses. With Instant Purchase, merchants get higher conversion rates on their site. That means less customers abandoning carts, or browsing with no purchase. It also makes repeat purchases more likely, because customers will only ever be one click away from completing their order.

Keeping with the kind of flexibility businesses have come to expect from Magento, they can customise their Instant Purchase with ease. Merchants can change the text and settings of Instant Purchase on their site to tailor it to their business or products. So, for instance, rather than simply saying “Instant Purchase”, a business may offer a “Get It Quick” option to keep on brand.

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