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The latest version of the world’s most popular CMS for e-commerce is here. Magento 2.0 offers enhanced scalability and performance and boasts an impressive selection of new features designed to boost conversion rates and improve productivity. Our Magento 2 Developers are fully certified and can help you enhance your store.

Magento is already used by over 200,000 retailers worldwide and offers an unbeatable selection of flexible tools expertly designed to help you meet your SEO, advanced marketing and catalogue-management needs.

When we develop eCommerce stores for our clients, Magento 2 is our platform of choice. It has been around since 2008 and has consistently been amongst the most popular eCommerce tools worldwide. If you want to know just how impressive a platform it is, impressive enough for eBay to want to buy substantial shares in the company not long after its release.

It’s a high-performance eCommerce solution that can be adapted to the needs of any online business, be it a small family-run concern, or a global brand. It benefits from a large community of dedicated developers and, a decade into its lifespan, new features are continuously being added to the software.


One giant leap forward.

Magento 2 is undoubtedly an Improved business tool; it can empower your online businesses to continuously optimise and drive growth. You can now effortlessly layout your Admin panel to suit you, giving quick access to information that’s key to your businesses. Setting up new products is also faster, with a simple to use product setup tool. Product import capabilities that are 5x faster than before.

A whole new range of possibilities

The new platform has been supercharged to offer over 50% faster page load times across many catalogues and checkout pages to help you convert your visitors into customers. Varnish cache delivers content at a much higher speed, which is key for mobile visitors.  Magento 2 now has better capabilities for 3rd party integration than ever before.

Magento 2 Developers

In short, Magento 2 is the best tool for developing an eCommerce store for your business, capable of managing stores, online catalogues, promotions and sales. It can handle multiple currencies so you can attract international clients, and it allows you to track sale performance in real time.

Magento is entirely focussed on your customers, as you should be. Not only does it host a swift and smooth checkout system, you can set-up loyalty points schemes and electronic gift cards, and the site will promote other items from your online store that it thinks the customer will like based on their purchase history.

Magento 2 is the latest version of the platform, released in 2015. More than just an upgrade, it is a re-imagining of the original, bringing all those incremental updates together and bringing the whole thing in line with latest practices in software development to secure its future growth.

Key Features

  • Full page caching (proactive, materialization) built into both Magento 2.0 Community and Magento 2.0 Enterprise.
  • Streamlined Checkout Process.
  • A clean, modern code base
  • Better performance  50% faster than Magento 1
  • Future Proof Support

Upgrade Path & Benefits

Every Magento site is different, but what’s important here at Bing Digital is we have the experience in planning Magento upgrades from the simplest store through to Enterprise solutions with hundreds of thousands of products and customer records.

It’s important to remember we’re not just a development company; we focus on UX, Conversion and Development in equal measure through all of our projects.

With Magento 1.9 security support ending in November 2018, It’s important to plan with existing and new clients on future proofing their online business with Magento 2

Why choose Bing Digital for your Magento 2 Project?

If you’re looking for the best Magento 2 Developers online, you’ve found them. The Bing Digital team eats and sleeps e-commerce. And Magento 2.0 is our bread and butter. Our uber-talented team of award-winning website designers have helped UK businesses stand out from the crowd since 1999. And we can do the same for you! We never settle for second best, and neither should you. Learn more: Magento Web Development.


We’ve supported the growth of local, regional and multinational companies since 1999 in every sector you can imagine.

Award Winning

You want the BEST Magento e-commerce store possible, right? Our Magento web design & development team is so good they win prizes!


We invest in our team. It takes 2 years to become a certified Bing Digital Magento 2 Developer, and the results speak for themselves.

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