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Magento was released way back in 2007, and they’ve certainly made an impact. In 2016, they claimed the tag of Europe’s fastest growing and most widely used ecommerce platform. With around a quarter of the market share, Magento is considered the market leader for enterprise level ecommerce stores, and is used by brands such as Burger King, Land Rover, Harvey Nichols, and Liverpool FC.

So, why is Magento called Magento?

The answer is magic, but we’ll get to that shortly. First, let’s take a look at where it all began – and how the platform grew to dominate the industry. Unlike many open source platforms – which typically struggle to provide businesses with everything they need – Magento is different. It offers the power, flexibility and scalability needed to launch large scale top-of-the-range sites.

Varien was the company originally behind Magento, although it’s now known as Magento Inc. Pulling both names together has added more clarity to the story and made branding simpler.

Originally, Varien worked with another company called osCommerce, both combining to bring the osCommerce ecommerce platform to the market (it is still alive and well). They planned to team up and create Magento together. However, their visions were veering off in different directions, and, as a result, Varien chose to go it alone. They wanted more features and flexibility.

Launching Magento

The beta version of Magento, or Bento as it was originally called, was launched on the 31st of August 2007. Due to legal issues, Bento was dropped, and the brand name we know and love was used instead.

At this point, you may be thinking that the name Magento was just a slight twist on the colour magenta. After all, it’s only one letter away and, for a long time, Magento’s branding used the colour magenta, although this has subsequently been changed to orange. Another common theory is that Magento is simply a take on Magneto, which is a small electric generator or – for some – an X-Men character (think Ian McKellen in a shiny silver hat).

But no.

The big reveal (drum roll)

A Mage is the name of a wizard in roleplaying games. Who would have guessed it – the team behind Magento are geeks! We told you, it’s magic.

The first full release of Magento was in 2008, on August 31st – one year later. The platform was an instant hit, attracting Fortune 500 companies from the outset. Almost 10 years later, and it’s still going strong.

The platform is known for its reliability, scalability (there are 9000+ plugins & extensions), user-friendly management tools, customisable (due to it being an open source platform), and extensive online community and resource library.

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