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The B2B industry is known for its fast-paced tempo and competitive environment. How does your business keep up? The brand new Magento B2B Resource Hub can help.

Maximise your ecommerce experience

In order to make sure your business is ready to face the competition, it’s essential to seek out the best tools and resources available. Why? The right resources will give your business the armour, skills and strategies necessary to get ahead.

Where do you find the right resources? If you are a business owner planning your next transformation project but you’re yet to make the move to digital, Magento’s new resource hub has everything you need to make the transition.

What is the Magento B2B Resource Hub?

The Magento B2B Resource Hub is a brand new online portal for planning, implementing and maintaining digital projects. The resources and support available will help you move your sales team online, introduce you to back system integrations and allow you to fully embrace a new digital frontier.

What will I find in the hub?

The hub contains a wealth of information, tools, content and event information to give your company a competitive advantage. You will find many helpful downloadable guides and articles from Magento’s community of industry experts and innovators.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Insights on how the B2B commerce landscape is evolving
  • How to reduce cost of service for improved profitability
  • Expert advice on how to get your digital transformation started
  • Information on how to streamline the customer buying experience
  • Tips for staying competitive and driving B2B growth
  • B2B industry benchmark reports for comparison

Are you ready to discover new insights, enhance your company’s growth tactics and deliver winning buyer experiences? Choose Magento and Bing Digital.

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Already used by over 200,000 retailers worldwide, Magento offers incredible scalability and performance and features designed to boost conversion rates and productivity. If you are looking for the best Magento web design team around, you’re looking at it.

At Bing Digital, we specialise in A-grade Magento 2.0 managed support solutions. From making pesky site issues and downtime a thing of the past to tailoring a perfect support package to suit your needs perfectly, we’ll help your site lead the crowd. With our experience and skills and Magento’s market-leading CMS, there’s no limit to what your business can achieve. Want to find out more?

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