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E-commerce platform Magento have celebrated reaching 100,000 forum users by releasing an upbeat blog post thanking their users.

“We’ve now reached 100,000 members on the new forums, which is amazing!” a Magento rep wrote. “More importantly, you’ve given each other over 1,500 kudos for lending a hand through shared information and accepted over 1,000 solutions to community questions ranging from installation to customization and everything in between. One of our biggest strengths as a community is that we’re always learning and collaborating. Thank you for working together to move us all forward!”

At Bing Digital, we are big fans of Magento. It’s scalable, adaptable, extendable and powerful – a winning combination in our eyes. Let’s take a closer look at Magento’s forums and discover which features have helped to make it the number one CMS for thousands of businesses across the globe.

Easier access

It has only been a year since the team behind the world’s leading content management system launched the forum, making several crucial changes to improve security and tackle spam. Seamless integration with existing Magento accounts also made it easier than ever before for users to access the forums.

The forum is the world’s only Magento-managed community that’s open to both developers and merchants. With Magento boasting over 240,000 users worldwide, the forums are an excellent resource and enable users from all over the world to exchange tips and share expertise relating to the popular CMS.

Bringing the e-commerce community together

There are a number of country-specific rooms on the forum and most threads are incredibly active. Popular threads include, Installing Magento, Version Upgrades, Security Patches and Technical Issues. The Magento forum community is incredibly inclusive and welcoming. So whether you’re new to Magento or you’ve been using it for years, you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms.

Meet Magento 2.0

Magento 2.0 was released late last year and features some seriously game-changing upgrades.

  • 50% faster load times across many pages.
  • Integrated video and responsive design themes deliver help users deliver memorable customer experiences.
  • New and improved admin panel makes navigating the system simple. Updating content has never been so quick and easy.
  • Added support for more concurrent upgrades makes enterprise-scale flexibility and scalability a reality for even the smallest of businesses.

If you want to find out more about Magento 2.0, or you’re wondering why you should make the switch, read our last blog post. It covers all of the key benefits of using Magento 2.0. 

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