Is your e-commerce site user-friendly? If not, you’re losing sales – guaranteed. In this post, we’re going to take a look at five top tips for improving the usability of your site. Put them into practice and you should see your conversion rates soar and your bounce rate plummet.

1. Intuitive Navigation 

When people arrive on your homepage, what do they see? If a site is difficult to navigate, people won’t stick around. They’ll simple abandon ship and head to a competitor’s less confusing site. User-friendly navigation features will make your e-commerce site a joy to browse and increase the likelihood of your customers making it through to the checkout successfully. 

Try to standardise your navigation buttons by adding either a horizontal or vertical menu or drop down menu at the top, or left hand side, of each page. Keeping your navigation bars and menus in the same place on each page will make it much easier for people to hop around your site, reducing your bounce rate, boosting your conversion rate and increasing the average number of page visits per browser. 

2. Make it easy for people to contact you 

Make sure that your contact tab is visible from every single page of your website. This will mean that customers are only ever one click away from contacting you at any given point during their browsing experience. Also, make sure that you offer a selection of contact options, including your business email, social media links, contact form (if applicable), and your contact number. Some of your customers may struggle to type enquiries online and prefer to call, rather than email, so bear this in mind.

3. Ensure your site is responsive 

If your website isn’t responsive, you could be missing out on a lot of business. 51% of UK online sales came from mobile phones between November 2015 and January 2016, so ensuring your site is mobile friendly, or responsive, really is crucial if you’re selling your products or services online.

4. Add a search field 

Incorporating a site search function into your e-commerce site will benefit both you and your customers.  Not only could a search function increase your conversion rate by taking people directly to what they are looking for (customers love site search), it could also give you a valuable insight into the shopping habits of your customers.

5. Avoid chunky paragraphs 

It’s really important to ensure your content is easy to read. Large paragraphs are hard to scan for crucial information, and as a result readers prefer short, easy to read snippets. If you dedicate some time to improving the readability of your website, you should see your conversion rate improve noticeably.  Another useful tip is to try to break your content up with images or videos. This will help people browsing your site scan and navigate your content. 

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