A CRM tool that works for you

Customer Relationship Management is so much more than a buzzy business phrase. From retail to leisure and commerce to B2B, every company faces fierce competition. You’ve got a fight on your hands to get yourself noticed. And one of the most effective ways to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack is by providing first-rate customer service, with no exceptions. To win brownie points with your customers, you need to give them some TLC. But when you’ve got hundreds of clients to juggle, it’s hard to remember who’s who - let alone the finer details. The best way to manage your customer relationships is via a CRM. The trouble is, many of them are clunky and inefficient - which is a total contradiction! The opposite should be true - your CRM should make life infinitely simpler. And that’s why we use OroCRM at Bing Digital. It’s flexible. It’s intuitive. And it really is incredibly useful. 

A CRM that dances to your own beat

You don’t build a business from an instruction manual, so why should you accept an out-of-the-box CRM? No two companies operate in the same way. It’s a simple fact. Your CRM should be flexible enough to work within your processes - not the other way around. That’s the first reason why we love OroCRM -you don’t have to compromise your tried and tested methodology.OroCRM is flexible enough to adapt to your existing way of doing things. It’s totally customisable - so you can configure its default settings or even add extra slices of functionality via ‘bundles’. Of course, we won’t leave you high and dry in all of this. Based on what you’ve told us about your business, Bing Digital will mould the CRM into a useable, company-enhancing piece of kit.

We can deliver the ultimate oversight

Whether you’re an online retailer or a multi-channel commerce company, we can make your life a whole lot easier. Bing Digital’s specialist CRM team know OroCRM like the back of their hand, so you get the insight and expertise to deliver a solution tailored to your business, with absolute perfection. What you’ll end up with is the ultimate oversight of your operations. And with that kind of information, the sky's the limit.

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