Allium B

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Who are they?

Allium B is a bespoke dress company with a difference. They specialise in creating affordable and beautiful dresses for grown up and sophisticated women. The fabrics they use are all 100% natural and can include intricate lacework, vintage beadwork, liberty inspired prints and so much more. The Brand was created by Clare and Mary who are sisters with one fundamental passion in common, dresses! They wanted a website that reflected the uniqueness and femininity of the brand but that could easily stand up against their bigger competitors.


The Brief and what they wanted…

We worked closely with them to create a delicate yet appealing web layout with colors that flatter the collections. Understanding the importance of getting a new online brand right, we spent time consulting on the right look, feel and technologies we could use to assist Allium B with their launch.

We wanted to maximize on customer engagement and to showcase the product in a fluid way. For this element we introduced product cat walk videos which give the visitor a great way to experience the products. Social media connectivity such as Pintrest was critically important and has proven to generate core traffic and importantly sales for the site.

The brand launched and have since seen a great influx of sales and traffic to the site.