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Direct Dell Partner

Pulsar Computing is a direct partner of Dell, selling both current and refurbished hardware across four core ranges: laptops, desktops, monitors and servers. They’re a high volume outfit, selling to both the trade and consumer market.


The Brief

Pulsar Computing were looking for a new website development partnership after growing frustrated with their previous provider, who had let them down. When we started talking, their web presence was virtually non-existent, so our initial task was to provide wholesale consultancy to move the business forward online – with particular focus on the B2C market.

We agreed that a new website was in order. And with such an extensive product range, the challenge was to achieve a slick user experience, maximise ROI and enable a slick fulfillment process.

How we approached the challenge

The need for a high-quality ecommerce site was clear, so we identified Magento as the best CMS for the job. We started the project by creating a modern website design to showcase the four core sectors and to ensure ease of browsing.

Usability was a big consideration, especially as the Pulsar Computing product range is so extensive. We needed to get each customer to their desired product as quickly as possible. The challenge was to allow simple navigation without compromising on the information needed for customers to make an informed decision. After all, these are high value technical items, and the specifics are important.

To achieve this, we analysed the buying signals from the existing customer group, and used this to create a slick new menu system and search. In fact, search proved to be a major part of the project. It had to be efficient and thorough – ensuring users could search by product name, CPU size, hard drive space and price. Consistency was important, so we ensured customers could do like-for-like comparisons.

The check-out process had to be effortless, so we developed a single page system to collect all data in one quick step. And, as with any commercial business, accessories are an important revenue booster for Pulsar Computing. So on each product page, we made it simple to upsell items, to maximise ROI.

Finally, we integrated the new site with their existing stock system in Sage, syncing details both two and from the third-party software. That meant they wouldn’t have to duplicate stock management systems, and there would be no disruption to the fulfilment chain.

How did it turn out?

We are extremely proud with the finished results; and expectations have been excelled. The site is growing in traffic and conversions by the day having developed a slick and intuitive user experience that has already significantly enhanced the brand.

With hundreds of Facebook followers within their first month of trading and plenty of new arrivals for consumers to purchase, Shipment is already succeeding in carving its own niche in the UK fashion industry.

At Bing Digital we will continue to work closely with the brand in the coming months to further enhance their online offering.