Shipment Clothing Company

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Who are they?

Shipment Clothing Company showcases uniquely travelled fashion to suit any style. Whether it’s a wardrobe essential or a statement piece, Shipment offers handpicked clothing and accessories to guarantee individuality for every single outfit.

As a business which prides itself on providing high-quality, exclusive ranges of clothing, at Bing Digital we were enthused about working with a retailer that boasts the same creative ethos as ourselves.

What was the brief?

As Shipment Clothing Company was fresh on the scene within the fashion marketplace, we were approached to pitch for a new brand-led e-commerce website, offering their customers a unique online shopping experience.

Deadlines were tight due to the fact Shipment had been let down by a previous developer at the last minute and reputations were naturally on the line in order to deliver to spec, under budget and launch on-time.

The retailer required an easy-to-manage site with the ability to control its contents in-house, whilst showcasing the product range in an ultra-professional manner with speed and essential security.


How we did it

As part of our initial research we identified that social and mobile traffic was going to be a primary driver of conversions to the site. Subsequently, much of the marketing plan was based on reactive social media marketing and a seamless integration within these channels was essential.

After reviewing the brand offering and detailing the product’s target demographic, we set to work on developing user profiles of potential customers and how the site should work for them. This was to form the basis of our front-end design that encapsulated the brand whilst showcasing premium products.

We opted to use Magento, a powerful back-end e-commerce platform, utilising its vast feature set to enable Shipment to grow in the months and years ahead.


Magento’s system includes:

Mobile responsive design

Allowing visitors to experience and enjoy the brand on mobile devices quickly and effectively.

Enhanced search

Providing stronger product results than the standard Magento system.

Server side full page caching 

Refining and accelerating the user experience for the online customer, making it easier to view available products and checkout with confidence.

Product returns

Allowing the client to control orders and customer service procedures swiftly and professionally. Distance selling always requires customer returns and our aim was to make the process as painless as possible for both parties.

Social media integration 

The embedding of share buttons and live streams for social networks throughout the site.


How did it turn out?

We are extremely proud with the finished results; and expectations have been excelled. The site is growing in traffic and conversions by the day having developed a slick and intuitive user experience that has already significantly enhanced the brand.

With hundreds of Facebook followers within their first month of trading and plenty of new arrivals for consumers to purchase, Shipment is already succeeding in carving its own niche in the UK fashion industry.

At Bing Digital we will continue to work closely with the brand in the coming months to further enhance their online offering.