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Who are they?

Privet is a luxury beauty salon located in the heart of Notting Hill. They offer a full range of treatments for both men and women, including massage, facials, waxing and tanning. Their salon is utterly unique, taking inspiration from the world of gardening and twisting it to magnificent effect.

What was the brief?

As a relatively new salon, Privet needed a web presence to catapult them onto the London luxury beauty scene. Although they already had a website, it wasn’t doing the job. It was static, with no CMS for straightforward updates. Design-wise, there was no insight into the interior of the salon – which meant they were missing out on utilising their USP.

Privet initially contacted us for SEO and online marketing services. But we met up, and through our discussions it was clear that a total overhaul was in order. They wanted a cutting-edge, modern website with intuitive navigation and social media synchronisation. They needed autonomy too – including the ability to add news stories, collect customer details and add treatments without any input from us. Most importantly, the site needed to showcase the salon interior – which is absolutely one-of-a-kind.


How we did it

We opted to build the new Privet site on WordPress. By their own admission, the owners are not tech-savvy, so this was an obvious choice. WordPress is incredibly user-friendly, which meant Privet would be able to add news and pictures as and when they wished, without relying on us or any other third party.

Mobile browsing was also a major factor, as many potential customers book treatments or discover new salons directly from their smartphone or tablet, while commuting to work or during lunch hour for example. So we built a fully-responsive site with clear user journeys across all devices. Calls to action were important to achieve ROI, so our UX team worked on seamless routes to book treatments or get in touch from any page within the site.

With a wide range of treatments on offer, the navigation had to be spot-on too. So we designed an intuitive menu system, ensuring potential clients would not get lost. In fact, they would find their desired treatment as quickly as possible.
As the salon is so unique, we kept the branding clean and simple – allowing professional interior photography to do the hard work. The website included large, modern banners against a minimal backdrop, allowing the salon itself to do the talking.

How did it turn out?

The Privet website now receives high levels of targeted, local traffic through organic SEO. Bookings are continually increasing, and we have also taken over management of their online PR and marketing. We run monthly competitions and generally promote the business via their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, which has led to a great increase in engagement from a highly relevant local community.