Swale Heating

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An established heating company based in Kent, Swale Heating are proud to offer expert guidance in choosing the best heating and boiler systems & products available today. With over 40 years experience installing boilers and maintaining heating systems across Kent, London, Sussex and beyond and are proud to offer the best value boiler installations, services and repairs in the South of England.

What we set out to do

Our brief was to modernise and rebuild the existing site onto the scalable Magento platform. Taking the company away from a bespoke system was paramount for future growth fo their web entity. We introduced an easy to use User Experience enabling the brand to compete on a national scale with their heating related services.

Built with a Mobile-first methodology the site is responsive to users on various devices. A key requirement for a brand that advertises on TV, Radio and via online channels. We made the “get a quote’ and onboarding of new customers simplistic.

  • UX & UI Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Magento Development
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Barclays Finance Integration

Built for Home Owners

Understanding whats needed with your heating can be daunting. We delivered a design that was easy to understand for the vast demographic of users.

Mobile First

An imperative step with any new website. The new Swale Heating site was built for mobile. Our UX Team delivered an easy to use mobile experience that has seen a sharp up-lift in conversions since launch

Simplified User Journey

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