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How we take your excellent idea and making it a reality

You have an excellent idea. One that, once put into life, will improve your business tremendously. Make real change happen.

Regardless of whether it will take a form of an app, a website, or an e-commerce platform – what you need now is someone who can deliver it to the required standard. Who can “get it”, and genuinely support you in reaching out to your audiences. Someone who will work closely with you on every step of the process and communicate effectively. Who with their digital expertise will be able to suggest solutions that will take your project even further.

Taking the Step 1 towards the realisation of a project is an experience in itself – and we prefer to be prepared when facing new challenges, just like yourself (hence this guide!). As Vincent Van Gogh famously stated, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” and this is how we help realise Clients’ projects – through our step-by-step Process:


Information Gathering and Planning

This phase is incredibly (if not the most!) important, as it builds a foundation for the whole outcome – and it’s all about understanding. Gradually, we evolve our understanding of your Purpose, Goals, Audience and the Content, which will help us deliver outstanding results in the Final Stage.

Step 2: Follow-up(s)

Preparation is key – and we know it! The next step involves gathering a bit more information about the extent of your project, the goals you are planning to achieve with it, the timescales which you are working to compared to our internal schedule, and the budget allocated for it compared to our rates. At this point, provided we will be moving forward with the project, we will also ask you for your Project Brief – you can read more on them (and why is it so important to spend some time constructing one) in one of our blog posts.

Step 3: Meeting(s)

“Meeting in person” per se is not an absolute requirement, as we also have experience in working with our Clients remotely – however this step indicates a final thorough conversation about your project, which we then will cover in our Proposal. It’s best to prepare yourself for a lot of questions – and at this point, we may also provide you with initial recommendations to discuss whether they suit your idea, and explore further possibilities for the projects with you.

Step 4. Proposal

To lay out the key points raised from the previous Steps, and to confirm with yourself that our understanding of you is accurate, we prepare a thorough Proposal, which is going to serve as a base guideline for the design and development of the project. It will help to explain what technologies we will be implementing to deliver your project, and what’s our plan to increase engagement from the digital end-users, a.k.a. your audience.

The Proposal gives you a thorough insight into our approach to the project (of course with an opportunity for you to comment and evaluate on its content), and when you accept it…


Design and Development

… we are ready for the Kick-Off! In this Phase, you will be asked by our Team for your regular input into what we first design, and then develop for your project – therefore, it’s important that the project commences in a time when you will be able to regularly devote time to it!

Step 5: Design

This step is crucial for determining the look and impression your project makes – from choosing a colour palette to branding, we will work to provide your project with a strong, visually recognisable identity. One (or more) design prototypes will be created, for your approval. Here is where all the information we gathered in Phase I starts to become of use – especially of relevance becomes the insight into your audience. Bing Designers will work with you to create an impression you need for your project to be a success, while also providing it with a “fresh” feel to it (our own R&D time comes in handy at these times – we make sure to keep up with current trends to deliver outstanding results to our Clients!). And then, once you approve the design of your project… we can move on to coding!

Step 6: Development

This is the point where your digital project is coming to life. The individual elements of the design are now being taken to create your end-product. The stages of development will differ depending on whether you are seeking a website, an app or an e-commerce development – one thing all these have in common though is: your continuous involvement and input into the progress remain crucial. Here is the time to implement final corrections you would like to see done – for these to be translated into code by our Developers.

If you’d like to learn some more on this stage from a Bing Developer’s perspective, check out the “What makes a good developer?” post!

Step 3. Testing and Deployment

“Measure twice, cut once” is a proverb that guides our methodology. Therefore, at this stage we release the ’Beta’ version of the project which becomes accessible to selected users for testing. Before Deployment of your project, we will test it (and re-test it, and likely re-test it again just to be safe!) to ensure the technology, methodologies and development are in line with your requirements. What follows is a Training session for you to learn how to navigate around the digital version of your brand new, now-fully-built project – which is only followed by Deployment! The Deployment stage marks the official launch of your project as it becomes viewable to the public – Congratulations!


Support, Marketing & Growth

From our point of view, the post-deployment Maintenance of the project is absolutely necessary for ensuring that it will grow successfully. What you decide to do about it is entirely up to you – following our Training you are free to opt for updating your project yourself (depending how comfortable you feel with this type of work, and how much time can you dedicate for these activities in your schedule).

Here at Bing, we loyally support our Clients in their strive for success – and as we recognise that the development does not end with Deployment on our side, we are happy to support our Clients with the Maintenance as another step of the Bing Process. Therefore, after our Product Guarantee’s expiration, we can offer our Clients a maintenance package at an usually reduced rate (which is based on how often you anticipate to make changes or additions to your projects). This is in no way compulsory – though certainly recommended.