Technology advances every single day, creating efficiencies, aiding collaboration, enhancing communications and creating new opportunities. By positioning ourselves at the leading edge of this revolution we’re able to harness new developments for the benefit of you, your organization and your customers. We have enormous experience of designing and implementing ecommerce solutions for all kinds of businesses, and we’ve worked hard in recent years to develop a stable yet flexible platform for many companies to grow their business worldwide.

Online Strategy & Business Consultancy

Every web design project however large or small requires proper planning and consideration if it’s to deliver on its commercial objectives. And while advising on strategy requires a good view of the bigger picture, we never forget about the detail. We’ll drill down and provide expert advice on every single ingredient of the perfect website.


Accessibility is an increasingly important issue for all organisations with an online presence. Through our relationship with a key UK partner, we are able to work closely with users with a wide range of disabilities. This enables us to apply assistive technologies intelligently in order to optimise accessibility and ensure our websites always welcome the widest possible audience.

Let your website shine

Clean, sleek and oh so usable, our websites are designed to impress. The Bing Digital team will get to know your business and - most importantly - what makes your customers tick. Then, they set to work creating top-notch web design that simply works. Each and every site is created with endless originality, mountains of experience and a good dollop of passion. It shows the world who you are and what you stand for. And the added bonus is, it’ll turn your competitors green with envy.

Great design engages your customers within seconds

The internet is chaotic. With so many websites vying for your attention, consumers have the luxury of cherry-picking their favourites. It takes something extra special to hold their gaze and keep it there. In fact, your website has as little as 50 milliseconds - the blink of an eye - to make a good impression. It’s a startling statistic, but we relish a challenge at Bing Digital. Your web design should be nothing less than perfect - and that’s why our team of designers go the extra mile on every project. From page load times to colour palettes and typeface, we consider every little detail. With Bing Digital’s insight and expertise, you’ll get a bespoke site that falls perfectly in line with your brand and impresses your customers in a heartbeat.

Exceptional design is our bread and butter

We know that great web design is both an art and a science. Balance, rhythm and proportion are fused with elements of point, line, shape, colour and typography. Add an inherently user-centred design and Bob’s your uncle - your business will boast a bespoke website that achieves your goals with style. Once the design is complete, you won’t be left high and dry. Bing Digital also offers clients ongoing analysis, A/B testing and 24/7 critical incident support to ensure your site is relentlessly up-to-the-minute and, best of all, hunky-dory.

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