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Magento is constantly innovating and improving. It’s exactly what you would expect from one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. In 2016, they launched Magento Marketplace. But what exactly is it? How does it work? And how can it benefit your business?

This post answers all the big questions about Magento’s landmark development.

Improving the experience

It’s fair to say ecommerce is a competitive industry. To succeed, you need a site that works perfectly – both for the business and the customer. Magento Marketplace offers an abundance of innovative extensions which optimise the whole ecommerce experience. Available both free and paid, extensions are split into six featured categories:

  • Customer support
  • Payments and security
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Shipping and fulfilment
  • Site optimisation

So, what can they do?

With such a broad range of extensions, Magento Marketplace really does cover all bases. Marketing tools allow you to automate email outreach, employ remarketing tactics and streamline your social media strategy. There are also a variety of payment extensions. They help you make the final step easier for customers, reducing the change of cart abandonment, as well as adding options for customer credit and recurring payments.

How about shipping? Magento Marketplace has a range of tools that can assist with inventory and stock control, order tracking and international shipping. Customer contact forms, live chat and real-time analytics improve customer service, while accounting apps, such as Xero, can be integrated to help with all facets of finance.

Optimisation all around

All of the extensions help you optimise the ecommerce experience, but when it comes to optimising your site specifically, Magento Marketplace doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Everything is covered – from simple image optimisation to full site speed improvement.

On top of all the great extensions, Magento Marketplace has a dedicated section for themes. A selection of custom themes make it easier for merchants to create an attractive and easy-to-navigate ecommerce store.

Better for everyone

Whatever you need for your ecommerce site, Magento Marketplace has it. It’s a great place for Magento merchants, but also the developers who make the extensions. They have an official marketplace, with the biggest pool of Magento merchants as their audience.

The merchants themselves benefit from added security when they’re searching for extensions. Magento reviews each extension and provider, to ensure that they are keeping up to their high standards. It means no extension purchase will be wasted, and no Magento site will give a poor user experience for customers.

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