In an ever-growing digital world, businesses are constantly trying to find new ways to interact with consumers. One of the most recent trends goes by the name of invitational marketing. You guessed it – a form of advertising that actually ‘invites’ the customer to participate. Could this be the answer to irrelevant advertising and customer apathy? Keep reading as we take a closer look…

The state of modern marketing

Evolving technologies and multiple digital platforms means marketing is constantly changing. Whether it’s on a tablet, phone or desktop – it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Faced with a steady stream of advertising, either by email, social media or just online browsing, consumers are swamped with choices. Businesses are trying to catch these consumers while they’re distracted, following them across the web until they do so.

This over saturation of company-focused marketing has led to less effective and less valuable campaigns. It means everyday consumers are starting to feel apathetic and unlikely to buy products or services when they’re confronted with them in ads.

What do consumers want?

So, frustrated and fed-up with online marketing, what do consumers actually want in the future?

Expectations are high. People are demanding new approaches to marketing, which puts their experience first. They also want it to reward them for their engagement.

With multiple channels, consumers expect cohesive choices that are relevant and personal. A type of marketing that involves the customers’ wants and needs, rather than throwing caution to the wind.

Is invitational marketing the answer?

So, can new forms of marketing really help businesses out?

According to Andy Hart, vice president of Advertising and Online Microsoft Europe, invitational marketing could be the answer. He claims the main three elements of the future of marketing will include:

  1. Seamless experience
  2. Imminent value
  3. Self-determination

This can be achieved by “inviting” and motivating your customers – wherever and whenever they want. They decide how they want to engage with your brand.

To do this, Hart recommends inviting individuals to respond, interact and participate with campaigns ‘in the moment’. This can be done through avenues such as notifications, apps and packaging.

The experience needs to be compelling and valuable enough so that customers feel inspired. It’s not just about specific offers. It’s about creating fun and memorable communication.

New possibilities

Invitational marketing opens up new possibilities for the future of advertising. It celebrates the customer, while creating a truly transparent way of communicating. The result? More trust and stronger brand loyalty.

The goal is to reach consumers in a more considered way. It creates rewarding experiences that the customer actually interacts with and enjoys. They can shape a brand’s marketing to suit their needs. After all, happy customers equals a happy business.

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