Click Fraud

I thought I’d put some info out there as to why we refuses to evaluate domains based on DA/PA. We believe it to be grossly inaccurate and do not entertain the idea of advising our clients on Moz’s flawed metrics.

We come across examples like the below domain dozens of times. It’s a frustrating issue to come across, as the mindset of a lot of potential clients have some knowledge of SEO feel that MOZ is flawless. We use Moz as a high level indicator of best practice but it’s far from perfect.

Screenshots taken at the time of writing – for future viewers, as the metrics/links may have changed.

Domain name:

Let’s take a look in Ahrefs first to see what shows up there. 26 backlinks in Ahrefs – we use Ahrefs to check back links because it’s a better indexer. (Screenshot:

The anchors of this domain, are also great: (Screenshot:

Legit site back in the day: (Screenshot:

Majestic SEO is showing: Trust flow – 24 / Citation Flow – 17 (Screenshot:

And then we have MOZ and what they think about the domain: (Screenshot:

Moz is on it’s way out, the CEO is leaving, and their index refresh rates are becoming slower and slower. We have dozens of domains that have Wikipedia links, and trust flow 30+ and DA/PA 1 in Moz site explorer.

PA/DA/PR/CF can all be artificially manipulated by spam and ineffective SEO tactics to result in high scores. In the end it all comes down to: Trust flow is virtually impossible to manipulate, measuring through TF and then doing manual backlink analysis through ahrefs is the best solution we’ve developed. Ahrefs is our tool of choice because of its overall indexing power.

We are always pushing the bar to find the best way to report coherent data back to our clients.

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