Kent-based direct mail and marketing gurus, Selectabase, recently contacted the Bing Digital team with the extensive task of redeveloping and redesigning their website. The aim – creating a more user-friendly experience.

A closer look a Selectabase

Selectabase provides a broad range of services that help businesses develop and grow. Their targeted business lists service, for example, allows companies to subscribe to a continuous monthly supply of ‘triggers’ and make lovely new contacts month on month. Selectabase’s equally handy post service creates and sends highly professional business mail to a target audience.

selectabaseSelectabase telephone preference service check is a huge plus for any team making direct marketing telephone calls. This is the great way for businesses to make sure only the right contacts are made, stay on the right side of the law and avoid nasty fines. They can also spring-clean and check business contact records to ensure they are up to date and relevant through their professional data cleansing service.

Lastly, any clients joining Selectabase’s ‘Reseller’ program can resell their data and services while increasing revenue and maximising profit.

Selecting a user-centred design

Bing Digital’s primary task in this partnership is to simplify the journey for the user and create a website that showcases Selectabase’s products and solutions to the customer. The next step will be designing and developing an ongoing marketing campaign using a tailored blend of outreach, social media and SEO techniques to make new connections and establish and align the company’s position within the market.

Jon Billingsley, Director and Founder of Bing Digital, shared his thoughts on Selectabase’s work and the companies’ partnership. He said, “Selectabase give a varied amount of businesses the ability to buy data on various levels and build up their marketing. The Director’s vision to create a uniform source for companies to find high-quality data is paramount.

“For us, we can see a massive benefit in Selectabase’s solutions and look forward to promoting them to other business in Kent and further afield.”

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