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10 Progressive Web App Benefits for Ecommerce

Many ecommerce businesses have discovered the limitations of both native apps and traditional websites. In most cases, consumers will leave websites within a matter of seconds if they’re difficult to navigate, whilst the inconvenient download process can discourage potential customers from using a brand’s application. If only there was a solution that took the benefits of both, whilst removing their weaknesses…

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) do just that. PWAs are apps that are created with web technologies, such as JavaScript, and are accessible through browsers. But they operate just like native applications. Big brands, including AliExpress, have noted a huge increase in conversions since utilising PWA – an impressive rise of up to 82%!

But behind the headline statistics, there are many other progressive web app benefits for ecommerce – let’s run through the top ten now.

Top 10 progressive web app benefits for ecommerce

Benefit #1: They work like a native app

Native apps have many positive features. Arguably the most important of these is their intuitive UX design. The stylish and clear presentation of native apps makes them easy to browse through for online shopping sprees. However, the requirement for apps to be downloaded from an app store can be a deterrent for many users who would rather shop using their browser of choice. A progressive web app for ecommerce features all the UX benefits of a native app in an online browser.

Benefit #2: PWAs boost conversions

One of the major progressive web app benefits for ecommerce is that they boost conversions. Due to their ease of use and accessibility, PWAs reach wide audiences, make it quick and easy to browse online stores, and retain customers for longer, leading to more sales. Major brands have experienced huge increases in conversions, including Alibaba, which saw a 76% increase in conversions across multiple browsers.

Benefit #3: Reduced bounce rates

If websites are faster and easier to use, consumers are more likely to stick around. As well as conversions, using a progressive web app for ecommerce reduces your bounce rate – the percentage of visitors immediately leaving your site after viewing just one page. PWAs keep consumers on your website for longer, maximising the opportunity for further conversions. AliExpress doubled the number of pages that customers accessed per session by using a PWA.

Benefit #4: PWAs can be used offline

Through the use of a service worker, PWAs can be accessed offline, so a poor internet connection doesn’t have to stop your customers’ browsing sessions. All consumers will need to do is access your website before the internet goes off, then the PWA will load automatically in their browser. Offline, customers can browse products to their heart’s content.

Benefit #5: PWAs contribute to SEO rankings

Native apps are not websites, so their content can’t help your business rank on search engines. One of the best progressive web app benefits is that they function like websites – and therefore, can contribute to your site’s SEO. This means PWAs can be integrated into your SEO strategy like any other website. Plus, as they perform better than most mobile sites, your brand is far more likely to rank higher with a PWA.

Benefit #6: PWAs are a cost-effective choice

Utilising a progressive web app for ecommerce saves your business money. Mobile websites can only be tweaked within certain limitations, whilst creating a separate native app can be very expensive. Plus, that native app may need to be ported to multiple OS platforms, causing further expense. Developing ecommerce stores with PWA brings savings of up to 75% in comparison to native apps.

Benefit #7: Quick loading times

PWAs load extremely quickly, even during periods of poor internet connection. According to Google, Settled reduced their page loading times by 3x through using a PWA. PWAs utilise pre-caching. This means that when a consumer opens a page on your PWA, other frequently accessed pages are downloaded automatically. This way, if the consumer clicks on any of those links, they will load at a much quicker speed.

Benefit #8: They can be accessed on any browser

When it comes to progressive web app benefits, one of the most important is accessibility. PWAs can be accessed via any browser, from Chrome to Firefox. Rather than developing apps for every platform, you can develop one PWA to work across all mobile devices. This not only saves you money, but also the time spent maintaining these different applications.

Benefit #9: They reduce space and server load

PWAs are space-savers. They are incredibly light in comparison to native apps, with a weight reduction of up to 90%. They can also easily be added to consumers’ home screens on their mobile devices. This way, they can access your store instantly from their devices without having to download large-size native apps. Due to their faster loading times, PWAs also reduce server load. This means that when your store is experiencing high volumes of traffic, it won’t slow down or crash for customers.

Benefit #10: They dramatically improve your reach

It’s no secret that one of the best progressive web app benefits is that it helps you reach out to new customers – and strengthen connections with current ones. One reason for this is that PWAs enable push notifications. These will appear on your customers’ lock screens, and alert them to new deals and products. Push notifications have a higher response rate than emails, so are an important marketing tool for ecommerce businesses. PWAs are also far more accessible to wider audiences, because they are easy to share via links.

How to use a progressive web app for ecommerce

With all these amazing progressive web app benefits, it’s clear that PWAs can take your mobile ecommerce to the next level. So, how do you set up a PWA for your ecommerce business?

Experience is key to creating an effective PWA. At Bing Digital, our Magento ecommerce team is fully trained in PWA development, with over two decades of experience in mobile-friendly web design, including PWA Suite. But what about maintaining your PWA? Don’t worry – you’ll have our expert team on hand for any advice and support you might need.

With Bing Digital, you know your progressive web app for ecommerce is in good hands, so you can focus on running your business. From an in-depth consultation to checkout configuration, we will develop and deploy a bespoke PWA storefront on Magento 2 to skyrocket your conversions and keep customers returning to your store for their spending sprees.

Ready to learn more about using a progressive web app for ecommerce? Get in touch with our Magento 2 PWA experts today.

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