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Amazon advertising is a huge, fast-growing sector. At its best, it offers endless opportunities. The problem is, it’s not done well very often.

When you’re looking for an Amazon advertising agency, you’ll notice the same buzzwords popping up. Sales, data, growth and reports. While these elements are important, they all provide short-term fixes.

Bing Digital does things differently. We go beyond the basics, delivering...

As a leading Amazon optimisation agency, we specialise in scaling revenue and profit for quality brands. Crucially, we do it based on your requirements. One size does not fit all, which is why we work with you to achieve your goals of launching, scaling or maximising profit.


Not Just sales


Not Just data


Not Just growth


Not Just reports

Our Amazon PPC Services

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We start with the foundations before we drive Amazon advertising. From the listing title and bullets to images and product categories, we’ll make sure your Amazon store is ready to convert customers before starting campaigns.


Next, it’s onto extensive research and competitor analysis using the best techniques. This allows us to find the most relevant, high-converting keywords to target. These keywords will be monitored to make sure your Amazon products are continually optimised.

Amazon PPC

We’ll utilise the latest Amazon advertising methods with Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand and Video in Search to maximize sales, reduce ACoS and drive your rankings.


You’ll get weekly or monthly reports on key performance indicators, progress and plans for improvement. Expect more than piles of data. Communication is what sets us apart as an Amazon PPC agency.

Why us?

Achieving success on Amazon requires a completely different skillset to traditional retail or general eCommerce. Bing Digital is a specialist Amazon advertising agency that ticks every box.

Amazon Experience

Our account executives have real-world experience in Amazon PPC and optimisation, having scaled and sold multiple private-label Amazon brands.

Analytical Approach

At Bing Digital, we don’t work off assumptions. You get a deep, analytical approach to Amazon PPC management based on facts and experience to help you expand and grow your profits.

Holistic Service

Wave goodbye to partial solutions, inadequate results and finger-pointing. We provide completely holistic Amazon PPC services based around human and digital behaviour.

You’re in good company with Bing Digital

Thomas McAllister Says:

Thomas McAllister Says:

Phenomenal results

As a small business owner, I was struggling to make my mark on Amazon. I turned to Bing Digital's Amazon service, and I must say, the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Their team took the time to understand my business and tailored their approach to suit my needs. Their regular communication and clear insights have been invaluable in helping me understand the progress we're making. I've seen a significant increase in my sales since I started using their service. Highly recommended

Elizabeth "Liz" Harper Says:

Elizabeth "Liz" Harper Says:

The level of personalised attention made me feel valued as a client

I've been selling on Amazon for a few years now, and I thought I had it all figured out. But when I tried Bing Digital's Amazon service, I realised how much more there was to learn. Their team's deep understanding of Amazon's advertising platform and the e-commerce landscape has been a game-changer for my business. They've helped me target high-converting keywords and utilise the latest advertising methods to maximise my sales.

Raj Says:

Raj Says:

The level of personalised attention made me feel valued as a client

I was sceptical about outsourcing our Amazon operations. But Bing Digital's Amazon service has proven me wrong. Their holistic approach to Amazon PPC management has helped us expand and grow our profits significantly. They provide more than just data; they provide information that's actually useful. Their service has been a key factor in our success on Amazon. I would recommend them to any business looking to improve their Amazon performance.

See the results for yourself

Want to see our Amazon PPC services in action? Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect…

Amazon PPC Agency 

When we started working with this client in the outdoor sector, their total income from Amazon was below £1,000 a month. They had an existing product with sales history along with multiple new product variations to launch. We undertook extensive market research and keyword analysis then applied this data with tried-and-tested PPC techniques. In the space of just four months, we had scaled the brand to almost £80,000 per month – £50.15k from ad revenue and £27.23k from organic sales.

Of course, revenue is just one of almost 40 different KPIs we track and report on for every one of our clients. Over a five-month period, we also reduced their cost per acquisition from £5.43 to just £3.25.

CPA Amazon Optimisation 
Amazon Growth Example

Driving organic sales and profits by around 500% by ranking for main keywords.

Amazon Growth Stats

Maintaining a strong consistent conversion rate with organic and PPC sales totalling $30-40k over a six-month period.

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Amazon PPC management FAQs

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management is a specialised form of Amazon advertising that concentrates on employing PPC campaigns to enhance product visibility and sales. Unlike broad Amazon advertising strategies that might encompass SEO, storefront design, and general brand awareness efforts, Amazon PPC management specifically targets the optimisation and strategic use of sponsored ads, product display ads, and keyword targeting to position your products in front of potential buyers. This method necessitates a nuanced understanding of Amazon’s advertising platform, competitor analysis, and ongoing optimisation to ensure that your advertising budget is utilised efficiently, aiming for the highest possible return on investment.

Yes, niche products and sectors can greatly benefit from tailored Amazon PPC management. Agencies specialising in Amazon PPC, like Bing Digital, possess the expertise to comprehend unique market demands and consumer behaviour within specific niches. By conducting thorough research and applying targeted strategies, they can effectively navigate the complexities of niche markets to enhance visibility and sales. The key is to leverage detailed keyword research, competitive analysis, and custom-tailored ad campaigns that resonate with the specific audience of your niche product or sector.

While the nature of digital marketing, especially in competitive marketplaces like Amazon, makes it challenging to guarantee specific results, experienced Amazon PPC management agencies employ tested strategies to significantly improve your chances of success. These agencies, through comprehensive audits and ongoing optimisation, aim to maximise the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. However, due to the ever-changing market dynamics and competition levels, it’s important to approach PPC with realistic expectations and an understanding that while growth is the goal, the pace and scale of results can vary.

Hiring a freelancer for Amazon PPC management might initially appear more cost-effective than engaging an agency. However, the value and results obtained from an experienced agency often outweigh the costs. Agencies like Bing Digital bring a team of experts with specialised knowledge, access to advanced tools, and a broader understanding of market trends. This collective expertise can lead to more efficient ad spend, higher ROI, and ultimately, greater sales growth compared to what a single freelancer might achieve. Additionally, agencies often provide a more comprehensive suite of services, including audits, strategy development, and performance analysis, which are crucial for long-term success.

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