18th March 2021 / Jon Billingsley

What Exactly is a Disaster Recovery Plan for Ecommerce?

Whether they’re big or small, no eCommerce brand is immune to a disaster. There’s no question that businesses should be prepared for all eventualities and have built-in strategies to minimise loss if the unthinkable were to happen. As organisations rely more and more on various forms of technology and electronic data for their daily operations, they must have plans set out to recovery following theft of inventory, hardware failure, or a severe cyber-attack. Incidents
2nd March 2021 / Jon Billingsley

What are the Best Analytics for Ecommerce?

Ecommerce businesses will be well aware that shopping trends shift daily. The ability to adapt and anticipate changes in the market is vital for growth and ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. Analytics will play an essential role in a brand's success, helping them to create better content, assess the impact of their marketing tactics, and most importantly, boost sales. They say that knowledge is power, and once you know more about certain trends, spikes in
18th February 2021 / Jon Billingsley

Does My eCommerce Website Need Penetration Testing?

In the modern age, e-commerce sites must do everything they can to ensure they are prepared for a variety of potential complex attacks and malicious abuses. The rise in hackers in the digital era means high-security measures are paramount to a business attracting and retaining their online customers. Suppose consumers consider a site to be untrustworthy and feel their sensitive data is not correctly protected. In that case, they will stay as far away as possible,
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