17th May 2021 / Jon Billingsley

5 Types of Ecommerce Audit – And Why They Matter

It's true what they say – knowledge is power. No matter the scenario, whether professional or personal, standing back and taking stock is the key to success. This is where ecommerce audits shine. They're a strategic weapon in your digital arsenal, allowing you to identify and overcome critical issues that prevent conversions. Keep reading as we explain what ecommerce audits are, why they're important and the different areas that need thorough evaluation before
17th May 2021 / Jon Billingsley

One-Off Assistance vs Ongoing Support for Magento

So, you've finally migrated and become a Magento merchant - congratulations! You'll now enjoy versatile content management tools, advanced SEO (search engine optimisation) capabilities and easy third-party integrations. Your customers will love you. Thanks to the clean front-end design, intuitive navigation and quick loading times, it's never been easier to make a purchase. However, and we hate to rain on your parade, your work's not done. As with any ecommerce platform,
9th April 2021 / Jon Billingsley

Google May 2021 Update: Everything You Need to Know

As a webmaster trying your possible best to stay at the top of search engine result pages, Google updates are very important. And if you've been following google update trends, you'll know they sometimes come unexpectedly. However, that’s not the case with the new Google page experience update. This time around you have enough time to prepare, adjust and align with this change. The first hint about the Google page experience update dropped in May 2020. In this
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