6th October 2020 / Jon Billingsley

How to Create a Customer Profile for Your Ecommerce Store

If thousands of people visit your ecommerce store every week, day or even hour, who should you target? You can’t position your brand for everybody, so who are the right people? This dilemma is exactly why creating a customer profile is vital for ecommerce success. Thanks to the digital revolution, businesses have access to more customer data than ever before – all of which can be used to create in-depth customer profiles. But I’ve never needed a customer profile
10th September 2020 / Jon Billingsley

Finding a Match: How to Choose Between Ecommerce Platforms

There has never been a better time to get into the enterprise e-commerce game. Not only does running your own online e-commerce store allow you to have the freedom of living anywhere in the world while still earn an income, but it also gives you the flexibility of switching out products without having to purchase a large inventory or rebranding yourself. Whether you're looking to start your own business or scaling up your existing store, the success of your e-commerce
11th August 2020 / Jon Billingsley

Prepping Your Ecommerce Store for the Back to School Rush

At the start of July, the Government unveiled plans outlining that schools and colleges would fully reopen in September. With new measures in place to ensure the safety of students, many parents are already planning for their children heading back into classes. Prepping for the start of school is always a busy time for ecommerce sites, but the effects of coronavirus will mean online stores see more traffic than normal. Many people will still be hesitant about shopping
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