User experience design (or UX design) is an increasingly popular concept in the web design sphere. Essentially, it relates to the ‘experience’ a user has when interacting with a system. However, there’s still a huge amount of confusion surrounding this term. To put an end to the confusion we’ve debunked some of the most misinformed user experience design myths and sent them straight to the slaughterhouse:

1. UX is a ‘soft’ element of web design

Unfortunately, UX often finds itself lumped into the same basket as soft skills. One of the biggest criticisms people have is that UX is cold hard common sense. Others maintain it’s simply something web designers have made up complicate their services. Both are seriously misinformed. UX finds its roots in 200 years of scientific and cognitive research that encompasses ergonomics, psychology and human factors.

2. Anyone can create a winning UX design strategy

Another big myth is the belief that anyone can master the art of UX. Yes, it is possible for anyone to become learn a great deal about the field, but not every Tom, Dick and Harry can simply create an A-grade user experience design strategy without the right training.

Creating something truly special involves a trio of expertise. Visual designers create aesthetically beautiful sites full of innovation, architectural brilliance and super sexy graphics. Engineers bring the artistic vision to life and ensure the end product works like clockwork. Managers oversee the entire process and evangelise a healthy balance of creative liberty and inherent practicality. Definitely not something everyone can achieve!

3. UX design is too expensive

Wrong again! Yes, user experience design isn’t free, but with the right company it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Plus, when you’re investing in a UX design service you should always keep in mind that there will likely be ROI involved. This means the initial outlay of cash will soon pay for itself.

4. UX is nothing more than interactive design

The word ‘experience’ often throws people off and makes them think that the concept applies exclusively to the tactical elements encountered by a user. But in reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As well as the consumer facing and ‘vanilla’ aspects such as interaction design, user testing and persuasion, a winning strategy should also encompass strategic elements like service design, content strategy and communication strategy. The big bucks start rolling in when UX designers pull together a perfect blend of both.

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