A-guide-to-Google-re-marketingPut simply, re-marketing on Google gives you the opportunity to reach back out to users who may have already touched upon your brand. This is what differentiates it from standard display advertising as you will be reconnecting with users who have already shown enough interest in your products or services to visit your website.

Google’s Dynamic re-marketing pulls your product information, images and display ads based on items which sell well or what shoppers have viewed recently and then customises your re-marketing ads based on Google templates to maintain the look and feel of your website.

By simply adding a piece of code (a re-marketing tag) to all of the pages of your website you’ll be able to match the right re-marketing message to the right user, at the right time. You can re-market to potential customers in numerous ways via Google:

  • Google Display Network

    Google will show adverts to your website visitors while they browse the internet elsewhere through display adverts placed strategically on other websites.
  • Lists for search ads
    Google will show adverts to your website visitors when they search for whatever they need on Google. You can tailor your search ads to each group of visitors and expand your reach with additional keywords if necessary.
  • Dynamic re-marketing
    A feature available only to advertisers with a Google Merchant Center account, this displays dynamically created adverts to your website visitors based on the pages they have visited or how they interacted with your website.
  • Mobile apps
    The growth of mobile commerce is such that you can re-market to mobile users that may have previously visited specific areas of your mobile app and display adverts to them when they use or search for other apps.

Who should consider re-marketing?

Re-marketing is increasingly becoming a key strategic factor in the digital marketing campaigns of businesses big and small across the globe. Whether it’s driving increased conversions or simply to improve brand awareness it can regularly provide a solid return on investment.

Businesses who are in a competitive marketplace should seriously consider a re-marketing strategy to reach out to customers when they are at the stage they are most likely to make a transaction. You have the ability to reach out to potential customers once they’ve taken a look around your site, providing a timely touch point to drive customers back to your products or services when they are most engaged.

Re-marketing elsewhere

Digital re-marketing to consumers doesn’t just have to take place on Google either. Businesses are also interacting with potential customers through social media platforms. Re-marketing on social media can provide your social media ROI with a major boost. Social media such as Facebook and YouTube do a tremendous job at allowing businesses to start a conversation with a target demographic but it can often be the last place a consumers visits when looking to make a purchase.

Re-marketing on social media and other search engines gives you the chance to test and measure social media’s role in both direct response and long-tail conversions. You can carry out inexpensive tests, suited to your individual budget, to determine conversion points that work best with your social media followers and fans.

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