Social Proofing for E-Commerce Stores – A Beginner’s Guide

You may know that your products and services are of a high quality, but how do you convince potential customers that they are? Marketing experts have been using social proof techniques for years to communicate product worth and value, and your e-commerce business can too. Keep reading to find out more… What is social proof? The Social Proof principle suggests that we form opinions based on the actions of other people. We then take action […]

Why are the UK’s Top Retailers Ignoring Mobile Shoppers?

Mobile shopping is here to stay. And it’s on the rise too. According to Ipsos and PayPal, the UK average compound annual growth rate between 2013 – 2016 for mobile spend is estimated at 36%. However, the overall online spend has increased by only 10%. With the importance of mobile shopping well established, you’d expect the top online stores to do everything they can to embrace this trend, right? Wrong. Recent data suggests otherwise. Just […]

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