12th June 2014 / admin

How to paste from Word

When you paste content into the website CMS from a Microsoft Word document, you'll find lots of unwanted "code" or formatting markup gets transferred along with the text. Here are some of the ways you can avoid this problem on a Windows computer. (Adapt as necessary for a Mac.)"Clean" the Word text using NotepadThis is by far the best method. It removes all formatting from the text (e.g. bold, text colouring, non-standard fonts etc) so you will
5th June 2014 / Bing Digital News Team

The top 5 UX faux-pas luxury brands must iron out

It is still very common for luxury brands to attempt to apply unique forms of branding to their online space. Unfortunately, what many high-end brands simply don't realise is that this is often at the expense of user experience and search engine value.I've selected the common issues below as a point of reference for leading luxury businesses looking to increase their exposure online. Ultimately, the below examples intimate that by trying to be so exclusively different,
21st May 2014 / Bing Digital News Team

How to measure the success of a social media campaign

There's no doubting that social media now plays an important part in the digital marketing campaigns of businesses across the world – from start-ups to global conglomerates.The chance to reach out to your target demographic, personalise your brand and encourage customer loyalty; it all sounds great, but how do you find out which social channels work best for you? Is it really proving beneficial to your business?To deliver a successful social media campaign