15th March 2021 / Jon Billingsley

3 Years On: How Has GDPR Compliance Affected Ecommerce

It's been three years since the European Union introduced the General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as GDPR. If you were an eCommerce professional during the transition, we bet you remember the stress of sorting data, acquiring consent, and scrambling towards compliance. Thankfully, things have settled since the fateful day it came into effect. Now, consumers and businesses have a better understanding of what GDPR compliance means, and there's enough
21st October 2020 / Jon Billingsley

Ecommerce and defective product liability

Online retailers are often unaware of their exposure to product liability claims from customers. Sellers assume that it is the manufacturer who is solely liable for injuries caused by a dangerous product - that is not the case. UK and EU laws require retailers to take steps to ensure the products they sell are safe to use. If retailers disregard their duties and a customer is injured by an item they sold, the retailer could be sued. How could product liability affect