20th February 2020 / Jon Billingsley

Funding for your Magento Project

Project cash flow can be difficult for all levels of business and especially under the current economic climate. Many customers have asked us if Finance is an option; it makes business sense to spread a large project cost over a term to reduce the impact on business cash flow.  We are pleased to announce that after a lot of searching and due-diligence, we have teamed up with IQ Finance who offer unsecured loans to Ltd companies who have a good credit
19th February 2019 / Jon Billingsley

Upgrading to Magento 2

If you have a Magento 1 site, there’s every chance that you’re considering upgrading to Magento 2. Magento 2 is an eCommerce platform that is used by leading brands all over the world. Offering a host of benefits to companies operating within a broad spectrum of industries, Magento 2 represents the future. If you’re looking to move from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but you’re not sure of the benefits or how to go about updating your site, here’s a useful guide
9th May 2018 / Jon Billingsley

Magento Ecommerce Growth Hits 100% in Europe

Magento is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world. But it’s not done growing just yet. With constant innovation, new features and a vast community of developers, the platform has maintained a growing worldwide influence. And that has been exemplified recently with their European growth hitting 100%. Read on as we take a closer look at Magento’s growth and why the platform is so popular… Magento’s digital presence The digital experts at Magento
8th August 2016 / Jon Billingsley

How to Utilise Personalisation for Ecommerce Success

For businesses with ecommerce websites, it’s tough to know how to keep customers happy. It’s vital to please the customer and provide a user-friendly service. But how do you keep customers loyal with such an abundance of alternatives on the internet? Well, thanks to the growing use of personalisation, we may have an answer. Personalisation is an increasingly popular concept that’s constantly developing. If utilised properly, it could propel your business to
1st May 2016 / Jon Billingsley

How to Increase Your E-commerce Store’s Average Order Value

Running a business online isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of ways of making it a more rewarding experience for both you and your customers. If your online sales are flagging and you’re looking for a few ways to boost your e-commerce store’s average order value (or AOV), this blog post is for you… Why Is Your Average Order Value Important? It’s simple maths, really. The higher your average order value, the more money your e-commerce store will stand