17th May 2021 / Jon Billingsley

One-Off Assistance vs Ongoing Support for Magento

So, you've finally migrated and become a Magento merchant - congratulations! You'll now enjoy versatile content management tools, advanced SEO (search engine optimisation) capabilities and easy third-party integrations. Your customers will love you. Thanks to the clean front-end design, intuitive navigation and quick loading times, it's never been easier to make a purchase. However, and we hate to rain on your parade, your work's not done. As with any ecommerce platform,
18th February 2021 / Jon Billingsley

Migrate From Magento to Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

Now more than ever, most business owners are looking to migrate from Magento to Shopify. In a huge industry with competition, there’s a need for eCommerce business owners to focus on selling their products in the right marketplace. One thing you don’t need is additional work. Especially work that takes you away from your primary job of making and closing sales. In 2020, Magento 1 reached its end of life. Magento 1 users were at risk of security breaches and not
8th February 2021 / Jon Billingsley

How to Migrate from Shopify to Magento

It’s easy to have some confusion about how to migrate from Shopify to Magento. If you have never done something like it before, it can quickly get complicated. Our job is to help guide through the process of migrating from Shopify to Magento. First, we will start off by discussing specific statistics to reinforce your decision to switch marketplace platforms. We believe choosing the right platform is a decision you will only end up appreciating more with each passing
20th February 2020 / Jon Billingsley

Funding for your Magento Project

Project cash flow can be difficult for all levels of business and especially under the current economic climate. Many customers have asked us if Finance is an option; it makes business sense to spread a large project cost over a term to reduce the impact on business cash flow.  We are pleased to announce that after a lot of searching and due-diligence, we have teamed up with IQ Finance who offer unsecured loans to Ltd companies who have a good credit
19th February 2019 / Jon Billingsley

Upgrading to Magento 2

If you have a Magento 1 site, there’s every chance that you’re considering upgrading to Magento 2. Magento 2 is an eCommerce platform that is used by leading brands all over the world. Offering a host of benefits to companies operating within a broad spectrum of industries, Magento 2 represents the future. If you’re looking to move from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but you’re not sure of the benefits or how to go about updating your site, here’s a useful guide
23rd October 2017 / Jon Billingsley

GDPR: What Every Business Needs to Know

Are you ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR)? You may have noticed an avalanche of articles and social media posts recently, warning of its upcoming arrival. If not, this isn’t something you can simply ignore. It will affect email marketing campaigns, and the guidelines for privacy policies too. The changes won’t take effect until 2018, so you have plenty of time to get ready. Stay put, because we’ve put together a brief introduction
5th May 2016 / Jon Billingsley

Personalised E-Commerce Works! And Here’s Why…

Personalisation. It’s the ultimate buzzword in business today. Every business wants to look friendly and open. Customers are greeted warmly and affectionately by their names. Brands alter their services in a variety of ways in order to accommodate the buyer. For many companies in the modern business age, the customer comes first, and personalisation is a great way to keep them coming back for more. Consider this scenario… You go into two cafes on the same day,